Welcome to Get Great Speaking Gigs

You are so ready to get on those awesome stages and change lives with your message.

You know that speaking is one of the best ways to naturally attract clients you love while also helping you step into leadership in the way you feel called.

This next three days will help you set the foundation to become that go-to speaker and leader in your industry. These are the fundamental elements. I'm so excited to give them to you.

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In this video I talk about how to Take a Stand for Something that Matters. This is the single most TRANSFORMATIONAL thing you will do in your own speaking. I hear from clients all the time that this changed everything for them. Your own crystal clarity about these two things:

  • The Stand You Take
  • Who you serve with that stand

… allows you to confidently and excitedly offer to speak on the right stages.

If you have questions or want to share insights or questions as you go through this series, ask away on my facebook page and tag me at @MichelleBarryFrancoSpeakingCoaching to be sure I see it.