Are you ready to finally share your voice with Power & Grace?

Whether you are ready to step onto stages with your message or write your book or simply talk about your heart's work in a way that resonates and lights others up, I'd love to help.

That message that lives in your heart – whether it's as clear as the light of day or feels like a swirl of knowing searching for words – is meant to serve in our world. We know because you feel that call to share it.

You Can Do This. I've Got You.

I’m here to guide you into bringing your voice to those who need it – through your great speaking, your message clarity overall and all of your interactions on behalf of your difference in the world.

Together we’ll dive deep into what your heart is called to say and turn that into a message, a talk, a book or your overall business expression. We'll explore your stories – personal stories, client stories and the stories all around you – that help you serve through your speaking and beyond. 

It can be scary to step into a greater expression of our message and voice. Many people avoid it (maybe you have been avoiding it) but that fire in your belly to speak up, to share your message and your story, is powerful. (I know. I've been there. So have all of my clients.)

If what you are reading here resonates there is a very good chance you’re ready to leap into sharing your voice and telling your story. I’m here to help.

I'd love to learn more about you and talk about how I can help you make your speaking vision a reality.

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