Your Transformational Story Challenge


CLARITY & Your Story of Transformation


COMMITMENT & Your Story of Transformation


CONFIDENCE & Your Story of Transformation


CARING & Your Story of Transformation


CHARISMA (NATURAL) & Your Story of Transformation

Welcome to Day 1 of

Your Transformational Story Challenge

CLARITY & Your Story of Transformation

Please watch the video above for today's lesson. In this video I:

  • Ask you the one question that elicits the clearest most passionate messages I've ever received from clients
  • Invite you to write or speak your answer to that question so you get all of the juiciest details at that first time answering it
  • Ask you to consider who is on your particular streets in the scenario I describe and then ask you to answer questions about them in your worksheet for today's lesson
  • Invite you to SHARE the stand you take in one sentence, on behalf of that message and those people on the streets. (You have to watch the video to get what I mean ?)

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET BELOW to help lead you to clarity on your stand and who you serve.

Visibility Practice

DO THIS => Your Visibility Practice exercise for today is to share the stand you take in one sentence on your facebook or instagram pages. Use today's hashtag #YTStoryChallenge #Clarity

Examples of one sentence stands:

You can feel vibrant, strong and peaceful in your body – even when life is really busy!
It is possible to lead your team with passion and focus and still enjoy life at work and home! 
You do not have to turn over the passion in your marriage to parenting your kids! 
What you wear on your body has a direct and powerful impact on how you feel every day!

Also, post this same stand on my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBarryFrancoSpeakingCoaching/

This way I can respond to your post and cheer you on! 

Well done, my friend! I'll see you in tomorrow's lesson! Can't wait ❤️ 

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