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CLARITY & Your Story of Transformation


COMMITMENT & Your Story of Transformation


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CARING & Your Story of Transformation


CHARISMA (NATURAL) & Your Story of Transformation

Welcome to Day 4 of

Your Transformational Story Challenge

CARING & Your Story of Transformation

There are nuances to caring. We may need a refresh or a reconnection. 

Please watch the video above for today's lesson. In this video we cover:

  • the nuances of deep caring  – do you need a refresh or reconnection?
  • how to find the feeling words that will create a richer connection with your audience members in your story
  • why using your ideal audience members words is so meaningful for creating connection
  • the two places to use feeling words to show your caring – in the “before” part of your story and in the “after” part of your story
  • Invitation to SHARE a quote, song, meme – something to support and inspire your ideal audience member so they feel your beautiful caring when they see it

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET BELOW to help you check in on your caring and see where you may want to strengthen and/or reconnect.  

Visibility Practice

DO THIS => Your Visibility Practice exercise for today is to share a meme, song, quote or other inspiration especially for your ideal audience member. Show them you get them and that you care.  Use today's hashtag #YTStoryChallenge #Caring

Don't forget to post your meme, quote, song…  on my Facebook Page too at https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBarryFrancoSpeakingCoaching/

✅ ALSO ABOUT YOUR STORY: Revisit your story from Day Two. Where can you weave in more feeling words – actual words that she or he would use too? Go back to the “before” part of your story as well as the “after transformation” part where you will use feeling words she wants to be able to use when she is on the other side of struggle. Use your audience analysis questions from Day One to remind you what she's feeling and wanting — Don't share this yet. That's for tomorrow!  

Beautiful! I'll see you in tomorrow's lesson – our last day! STORYTELLING DAY! Looking forward to it.  In the meantime, be sure to use today's hashtag #YTStoryChallenge #Caring when posting today. ?  

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