Your Transformational Story Challenge


CLARITY & Your Story of Transformation


COMMITMENT & Your Story of Transformation


CONFIDENCE & Your Story of Transformation


CARING & Your Story of Transformation


CHARISMA (NATURAL) & Your Story of Transformation

Welcome to Day 2 of

Your Transformational Story Challenge

COMMITMENT & Your Story of Transformation

The three elements of commitment: 

  • To your message
  • To those you are meant to serve
  • To making a meaningful impact when you speak and share your story

Without commitment, our fancily crafted story or talk goes nowhere (or only very close by…)

Watch today's video where I talk about:

  • The walk in the woods that changed everything for me, my work – and is the foundation of this whole story telling challenge
  • How I struggled with commitment myself in my early years of business
  • The three elements of commitment and how each is required to make your impact with your story over time
  • Maybe most importantly: HOW TO TELL YOUR TRANSFORMATIONAL STORY in a way that makes the biggest difference (the most valuable outcome of deep commitment)

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET BELOW which guides you through telling your Transformational Story. THIS IS ESSENTIAL to this whole challenge!

Then do a little dance right where you are (stand up, if you'd like ???? – chair dancing is never as good as on your feet dancing) because you have just crafted the first draft of YOUR STORY OF TRANSFORMATION, STORYTELLER! ??

Visibility Practice

DO THIS => Your Visibility Practice share is to share on your facebook page or instagram your WHY. Why does this matter so much to you? It might start like, “You may be wondering why I care so much about the work I do. Here it is…”  (We aren't sharing our stories yet because we still have elements to add in. So keep your story to yourself for now, please.) Use today's hashtag #YTStoryChallenge #Commitment

Also, share a link to your post on my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBarryFrancoSpeakingCoaching/

This way I can respond to your post and cheer you on! 

Well done, my friend! I'll see you in tomorrow's lesson! Can't wait ❤️ 

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