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CLARITY & Your Story of Transformation


COMMITMENT & Your Story of Transformation


CONFIDENCE & Your Story of Transformation


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Welcome to Day 3 of

Your Transformational Story Challenge

CONFIDENCE & Your Story of Transformation

Confidence = competence + conviction

Please watch the video above for today's lesson. In this video we cover:

  • How confidence is more actionable than we think when we break it up into: competence + conviction
  • How to think about competence (and why you probably don't need to go get another certification to check off the “competence” box)
  • Why choosing your right audience is at the center of your competence – and confidence
  • An exercise where to connect deeply with your “best friend” to help you get connected to your conviction and therefore your expressed confidence
  • Invite you to SHARE your what you know for sure – different from the Day One Clarity stand you took, make this one more personal and problem-solving for your ideal audience member… speak to the struggle she's feeling. 


What I know for sure is that it doesn't work to pretend everything is ok. Surrounding ourselves with people we trust is essential to our healing.

What I know for sure is that our feelings of aloneness are connected to technology use. Even just the smallest shift in our attention away from technology will have a big impact on our feelings of connection. 

What I know for sure is that we are meant to feel good in our bodies. When we don't, this is a sign we need to take action. 

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET BELOW to help you get clear on where you are on the elements of confidence – competence + conviction. 

Visibility Practice

DO THIS => Your Visibility Practice exercise for today is to share your “What I know for sure…” statement on your facebook or instagram pagesUse today's hashtag #YTStoryChallenge #Confidence

Don't forget to post your “What I know for sure…” on my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBarryFrancoSpeakingCoaching/

 ✅ ALSO ABOUT YOUR STORY: Revisit your story from Day Two. Is there an element of your “What I know for sure that belongs in there? Possibly when you are talking about how things are for you on the other side of transformation, as you move toward closing your story? — Don't share this. Just read through your story and see if there's a modification to make. 

Nice work! I'll see you in tomorrow's lesson! Looking forward to it ?


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