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CLARITY & Your Story of Transformation


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CHARISMA (NATURAL) & Your Story of Transformation

Welcome to Day 5 of

Your Transformational Story Challenge

CHARISMA (NATURAL) & Your Story of Transformation


Your most engaging style of storytelling and speaking is your most natural style. Let's name it. 

Today has two parts in the video. 

  1. A lesson on Charisma – the natural kind that every one of us has inside of us. And how to connect with that (see worksheet download below to help you do that).
  2. Guidance on sharing Your Story of Transformation. 

    Want a super simple format for sharing your story of transformation? Here it is:

    ✨ Share about what life was like while you were still inside the struggle. (Focus on FEELINGS with some external detail to bring the story to life.) 

    ✨ Then tell about the moment of insight/realization when things really changed for you (there were likely many moments, choose one that will resonate with your Ideal Audience Member)

    ✨ Round out your story by sharing what life feels like now, on the other side of the struggle. Be honest (of course life isn't perfect now) but also share feelings words that they are wishing for as they are also true for you. (This is where you shine that beacon light of hope)

    NOTE: 1 – 2 minutes is really hard to hit (Go you if you can!) I couldn't even do it when I tried a few times after this video ? So, ignore the 1-2 minute guideline and use 2-3 minutes instead (but no longer, you won't keep their attention much more than that, especially online). I don't want you to drive yourself CRAZY trying to hit the timing part 🙂

Visibility Practice

DO THIS => Your Visibility Practice exercise for today is to SHARE YOUR STORY using #YTStoryChallenge #Charisma on your page (this is a big moment – I'm cheering you ON!) and on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBarryFrancoSpeakingCoaching/

CONGRATULATIONS, STORYTELLER! You have been taking a stand for your ideal audience member all week through your shares and your beautiful commitment to telling a story that serves powerfully. I am honored and privileged to be with you on this journey! 

Hop onto FB Live with me on my page (where you’ve been sharing your Visibility Shares) on Monday Feb. 8th at 11am Eastern so we can celebrate you and your beautiful work on your Story of Transformation! This is also when I’ll announce the PRIZE WINNERS! ?

Don’t forget to use the hashtags for today’s shares: #YTStoryChallenge #Charisma

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