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You Know That You Are  Called to Serve as a Speaker.

You feel it in your heart and soul – and your life experience has underscored that knowing. You have lessons learned and stories to share that will make things so much easier for others. And you want them to know they are not alone – that there really is light on the other side of their struggle.

You also know that finally stepping into your role as a transformational speaker is the next most powerful thing you can do for your business – and your work in the world overall.

Being a captivating and engaging speaker is a leadership move, and taking this leadership role in your industry will allow you to grow your business and serve the world in the way you envision.

There really is no more powerful way to change lives – and naturally attract awesome new clients – than captivating and inspiring speaking.

“Michelle helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level.”

Working with you the last few months, it has helped me to see that I can be successful in business and still have this lovely, receptive, graceful, feminine energy about my work because you model that so beautifully. You’ve helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level. You are a gifted listener, a discerning coach, a resourceful entrepreneur and I know that our work together is going to be the foundation of my new body of work for the next few years, if not the next decade of my career as a coach and speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Elizabeth Barbour, The Revialized Business Woman

The Problem is This – No One Teaches Us How to Do This Kind of Speaking.

Role models in regular business are frequently awful because everyone is trying to be too professional and losing all of their charm and personality in the process. And very few of us are – or want to be – leaping across the stage like Tony Robbins (no disrespect to Tony, who I love). We’ve got TED talks as a reference but it’s a total mystery HOW those people got there and where they learned to speak like that.

You’ve probably done some speaking and been pretty good – maybe even very good. But you know in your heart of hearts that you can be better on stage… awesome, even. You can feel it in you that you are meant to light up their hearts and minds and inspire them into the kind of action that truly changes things for them.

You just need to know how to do it. You wonder things like:

  • What are the best practices for creating the kind of talk that has that impact?
  • How do you use the treasure chest of stories you have from your own experience – and experience with clients? Which stories matter? How do you tell these stories so they have the kind of impact you know they can have?
  • Should you use slides or is better to just walk the stage and use gestures and movement to keep their attention?
  • Do you have to be dynamic and wildy outgoing to be awesome on stage? Can you really be a great speaker just being yourself?
  • How long should your talk be?
  • How do you keep them from getting bored or picking up their phones?
  • How do we compete with the phones?!

So many questions… Let's get them answered once and for all.

(you'll use what you learn forever)


Michelle brought such an undercurrent of cheerleading and desire for our success that felt completely genuine. I’ve been pretty nervous about speaking, and I feel like Michelle opened this whole world to me and provided a landing strip for me in such a cool way. I felt like I had access to a world class teacher throughout the course.

Jane Selle Morgan

Why it’s time to finally step into your role as a speaker.

This call to serve through speaking is no joke.

It’s intense and persistent (you’ve probably tried to deny it – I sure did. Most of my clients have.) But you now know it’s not going away. It’s time to answer the call.

I can’t tell you how happy I am for you  that you’ve made this decision.

For those of us who are called to serve as speakers through our stories and expertise, the decision to step fully into this role as a leader and transformational speaker is life-changing. It’s the thing you’ve been moving toward your whole life, probably before you had any idea of it.

I Created This Speaking Coaching Program for You –
Very Specifically and Whole-Heartedly for You.

The last thing you want is some dry, hyper-professional speaking training that teaches you to bore the bejeezers out of your audience (and yourself).

You also don’t want some hyper-energized, glitzy program that makes you feel like you have to be someone you’re not in order to captivate an audience.

You know deep down that the opposite of that is what’s really needed. You want to be the very best version of your most awesome self – and that’s what we reveal with you in our group together (you’re going to love the Expression Élan process I share to help you do this. It’s a client favorite!)

This is an inside-out speaking program.

We start with the very heart of you and your message. You get crystal clear on that message that you are meant to share – the one you want to take a stand for with deep conviction and confidence because you know it will change lives.

From this place of deep connection with your message, you will be guided in crafting a talk using all of the best practices in great speaking.

In this program, we cover:

  • How to get crystal clear on The Stand You Take (that message at the center of your speaking and thought leadership)
  • Who you serve through your speaking and thought leadership – the audience who will be most powerfully impact by your message, amazing life experience and expertise
  • What content to include in your talk (and what to leave out) to make it the most captivating and motivating talk possible
  • How to tell your own personal story of transformation in the most powerful way possible (while taking care of you and any vulnerable feelings too)
  • When to use slides and all kinds of other amplifying aids you can bring to make the most engaging experience for your audience
  • The appropriate length of time for your talk – and how to use time in a way that keeps them connected and excited to be with you the whole time (regardless of how long you are scheduled to speak)
  • What to wear so you feel awesome – and comfortable and confident, too!
  • How to release speaking anxiety that may be blocking your greatest expression – and harness the extra energy that is a natural part of public speaking
  • Most important: how to become the person who delivers this captivating, inspiring talk before you ever hit that stage (this is where deep coaching and group connection is invaluable – and we’ve got this in droves!)

It's Time for You to Step Into the Speaker That You Know You Are
Meant to Be.

This is a very special kind of speaking you want to do and this program is designed to guide you through the entire process, with full support and a whole lot of care.

It will be work – there is no way to get a transformational, life-changing talk crafted and delivered without a whole lot of soul-searching, preparation, practice and all around good work.

But You Will
Be Doing
This Alone

You’ll have a whole tribe of mission-driving leaders working alongside you and bringing mutual support and fun celebration, too! Because it feels awesome to do the work we know we are meant to be doing in the world.


Being accountable to Michelle, the program, and the other women kept me active and engaged. I’m part of about 3 other online programs right now and I’m way behind because I didn’t have the level of accountability that this course has. I liked Michelle’s vulnerability – it was super important for us to see she understands what we are going through.

Gayle Canton

Most important,

You will finally be ready to serve at the level you’ve been imagining and naturally attracting the kind of clients you know you can serve most powerfully. The business growth possibilities alone are worth many times the time, energy and investment in this program.

It’s not just about the business growth (though return on investment is essential) – it’s about the personal growth you will experience. It’s about the difference you know you are meant to make. It’s about meeting yourself at the edge of your own contribution as a speaker and leader in your industry.

About Your Guide in this Program – Meet Michelle

That’s me! I’ve been honored to work with an incredible variety of high-level speakers. From founders of award-winning companies to leaders in national non-profit organizations and many coaches, wellness experts and other creative thought leaders, I’ve had the opportunity to help many mission-driven leaders turn their stories and experiences into room-moving transformational talks. I’m a speaker, too. So, I know what it takes to get on those stages – even when it’s daunting and pushes right up against the edges of what we think we are capable of – and I know what it feels like on the other side of meeting ourselves at that powerful place of great contribution that this kind of speaking inspires. It’s honestly the deepest reason I do this work. Become the person who delivers talks at this level is life-changing in countless ways.


Doing the live session and getting Michelle’s feedback, it became apparent how much of an expert she is at this. The layout of the course and the layering of the lessons was perfect to let me go through my own process and have permission to do so. Michelle is a magnet for a great group of women and that’s a testament to who she is!

Rachel Anzalone

You Will Not Be Alone

This is a group program because it’s the best way to help you do this work. You have a beautiful group of mission-driven speakers doing this rich work right alongside you. I’ve had the great joy of watching the most amazing friendships begin and grow through this program. I love that you will have that opportunity here, too.

Best of all, you will finally be fully prepared to step into your role as a transformational speaker and thought leader.

Gone will be the days of a random talk here and there, on various topics, full of uncertainty about what makes a truly great presentation.

You will know what works to captivate and inspire an audience (I teach you all of the very best practices).

You will have a talk that represents the very best of your experience, sharing your story in a way that feels good to you and serves your audience powerfully.

You will have practiced and gotten feedback and made adjustments along the way, so you aren’t going to any audience totally cold. This talk is warm and rich and ready to serve.

So Are You Ready?

(oh, I hope so! I’m so excited for you!)

Let’s have a quick chat to make sure this program is a fabulous fit for you.

Investment $1997



We officially begin, April 16th (though you will receive access to bonuses so you can dive in before that date). Here are the details of the program:

  • The program is delivered fully online through a beautiful course platform and zoom video for our weekly meetings. Your first module arrives April 9th and you can dive in right away from there. Go at your own pace on that week’s materials but know you are not alone. Hop into the Facebook group anytime with questions!
  • We meet on zoom video every week for coaching, feedback, questions and support
  • Ask questions, share ideas and request support in our private Facebook group anytime. I’m in the group multiple times a day.
  • You get one one-on-one coaching session with me as part of the program to use whenever you wish during our 8-weeks together.
  • You will deliver your final talk to an audience of your program peers via Zoom video and receive loving and detailed feedback at the end.
  • If you do the work and deliver with your practice partners and on delivery day, you will walk away with a beautifully crafted, client-attracting and thought leadership worthy talk that you can use again and again to finally be the speaker you know you are meant to be!

Bonus Programs:

You also get access to Book the Best Speaking Gigs, a fully digital program that guides you through the process of booking speaking opportunities even before we finish the program. There is no more motivating force than having a speaking gig already booked on your calendar! I highly recommend this approach.


The accountability piece really pushed me to get more done than I probably would have if left to my own devices. I am a planner and I just loved how everything was laid out step by step, I surprised myself when I followed the process and realized my speech was actually done before I thought it was!

Megan Flatt

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I do this program if I don’t already have a speaking gig on my calendar?
Nothing motivates getting it done like having a hard deadline, so having a speaking gig on your calendar is awesome. Since you get free access to Book the Best Speaking Gigs when you sign up, you can begin working on getting that gig right away. You will also deliver your talk to your YRMT peers in a final online delivery day where you will get valuable feedback only available if you deliver on that day so, in essence, you already have a gig on your calendar when you begin the program 🙂 .
This sounds awesome but it’s not great timing for me. When will you offer this program again?
I would love to offer this program again this year but I’m honestly not sure whether I will or not. I’m going to wait and see how this round of the program goes. So, if you know you are ready to be the speaker you have always known you are meant to be then this is the time to sign up.
Do you help with speaking anxiety in this program?
Speaking anxiety is a natural part of being a high-impact speaker. I have a beautiful toolkit of strategies and practices that help manage and ease speaking anxiety and I can’t wait to share them all with you.
Do I have to know exactly what I want to speak about for this program to be a good fit?
This program is designed to take a message you know you care deeply about, about which you have expertise and stories to share, and change lives with that message. Many people want to use their speaking to attract clients that they can help further through this message, which this talk can be designed to do. So it is important that you have a pretty clear idea of your message – even if you can’t articulate it as clearly as you want. If you aren’t sure about this, let’s get on the phone and chat about it as you consider the program.

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We officially begin, April 16th (though you will receive access to bonuses so you can dive in before that date).

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Investment $1997