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Become a  Recognized Leader in your industry through speaking and thought leadership.

If you want to create a thriving business with way more ease, get on the best stages in your industry (Hello, TEDx!) and make a difference for a LOT Of people with your message and story, then keep reading. Things are about to get really exciting in your world!

When you are recognized as a  top leader in your industry, you naturally attract dream clients and amazing speaking and thought leadership opportunities.

When you walk through the system we share in the Made for This Collective, you gain exceptional clarity and confidence in your message, story and voice. This means web copy, bios, blog articles, talks, and even books get so much easier to write. 

This is a totally new way to think about business and your contributions as a leader in your industry. Showing up and serving with great content, sharing your story with power and grace, and building a business that is sustainable and feels amazing to lead becomes not only clearer, but more fun, too. Because you are bringing your whole self to the table.

“Selling” in the traditional sense is no longer necessary because your leadership in your industry is magnetic to the best clients.

Why do Recognized Leaders center their message, story and thought leadership in their business?

Because they have seen that thoughtfully crafted, engaging talks, podcast interviews, even social media shares are MAGNETIC for the most awesome clients, helping them create a thriving business and make the impact they want to make.

It's simple, really: when you show up and shine bright with your message, story and lessons learned, you start to become the natural choice for clients who are looking for what you provide.

Natural, easy client attraction is the most sustainable way to grow your business and impact.

We all know that weird marketing and sales tactics of the past simply turn people off. Slipping into DMs uninvited, posting to endless groups about your business instead of showing up to serve just doesn't work for the long haul.

On top of that, these “strategies” are exhausting, emotionally and from a time perspective. They just don't feel genuine, which makes it all worse.

Why is Now the PERFECT time to take your spot as a leader in your industry.

You don't need me to tell you that it's been a rough last few years for many people. Your story, lessons learned and expertise is life-changing. The people you can help really need to know you are ready and available to serve them. Now is the time.

Hi, I'm Michelle.

Since 2008, I've directly helped more than 1,ooo coaches, wellness experts, leaders, founders and creative entrepreneurs clarify their message, craft keynotes and TEDx talks, and show up as experts in their industry.

As a speaking and thought leadership coach, I've had the honor of supporting world-changing leaders to speak on TEDx stages and at the best conferences in their industry. Our work is deeper than that, though. Great leaders who sustain their impact take a stand for something that matters to them, and to the world. I help them reveal and refine that stand and turn it into a message that attracts amazing clients and naturally builds their platform and audience.

I wrote the book, Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking to serve a wider audience and founded the Made for This Collective to provide a clear and focused path to leadership for those who want guided implementation support for their impact and business growth. It's an extraordinary experience and community!

Along my journey, I've realized there are Two Kinds of business owners who want to be Recognized Leaders.


I am such a fan of dreaming. A big vision lights me up! And there's nothing wrong with choosing this path of dreaming about being on stages, guesting on popular podcasts, writing a book… except that they never really feel the deep impact they can make if they were to take imperfect but consistent action on those dreams.

The Visionaries Who Take Action

The Visionaries Who Take Action have been the source of my most valuable lessons. It is the leaders with a big vision who take all kinds of action on that business who actually realize those dreams. They get on the TEDx stage. They build a business beyond their visions. They write the book and get it into many hands and hearts. Their business thrives!

As I studied these leaders, I realized that there was actually a consistent PATH the most successful leaders took to build their thriving business and impact.

When you understand this path, you can make your mark in our world with more clarity, impact, ease and grace.

The Path of Radiant Leadership

So… I wrote that path down 8 years ago.

To this day, after working with hundreds of leaders and business owners, that simple path still remains true. Clarity of message and consistently showing up to serve is where the magic lives.

The more I shared the Path to Thought Leadership, the more impactful my work became for my clients. 

I'd watch them go from feeling fuzzy about their message and nervous about telling their story, to fired up to shout their message from the rooftops and excited to tell their story in service of others.

Because this simple path worked so beautifully, I started to attract some of the most well-known and respected thought leaders in the world as clients.

Celebrities, Former Governors, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, Founders of award-winning companies…

I saw this path in  their success stories too!


The first conversation we had made me realize that what I really have to say is so much bigger. She helped me get to the heart of my message—what the real big message was. It was the best day ever. Some of the best work that I did, definitely, in 2019 was with Michelle.

Rachel Rodgers
CEO, Hello Seven


I killed it on that stage because Michelle helped me frame my rooftop message. She helped me deliver a talk that made sense, and that rallied an audience to buy into the idea that if we want to solve major world problems, we have to help girls and women stop dieting. None of that would have happened without her loving, but firm guidance. Hire Michelle for any major talk that you need to give.

Susan Hyatt
CEO, Susan Hyatt Inc & Susan Hyatt The Agency, TEDx speaker


I’m so very inspired by the caliber of coaches that are part of the Collective. In addition, lots of top notch resources and plenty of  support are provided by the brilliant Michelle and her team. Join us!

Ulrika Brattemark
Soulful Time Management Coach & Author of Time Alchemy

I love working with clients 1:1 but my roster fills up fast. Plus, not everyone is looking for that kind of intensive support or investment. Over and over I kept hearing things like, “One day I'm going to work with you – once I grow my business more.”

The thing is, there is nothing more powerful for growing your business than becoming a recognized leader in your industry! If you are able to work with me sooner on your business journey, I can help you GET to the place where your business is thriving enough to invest in whatever resources you need to make your greatest impact.

This is the power of being a
Recognized Leader
in your industry.

And the  results of industry leadership speak for themselves…

Joanna is a speaking and leadership coach. She has delivered TWO TEDx talks, one of them in French and the other in English. As a member of the collective, she published a book, started a podcast and was featured in highly respected publications where she lives in Europe.

Susan Hyatt wrote the book BARE before our work together. We crafted a TEDx talk that blows the doors off of diet culture and sets her up as a leader in the fight against women making themselves smaller in any way.

Dr. Sweta is a leadership coach on a mission to help women do work that lights them up. She is quickly becoming a highly sought after speaker for organizations who value supporting women leaders in bringing their authentic selves to work.

These brilliant clients aren't the exception. This kind of impact and thriving business and mission is completely possible for you, too – when you follow the path to industry leadership that I will share with you.

Which makes  now the perfect time to introduce you to…

I want to share with you the same path and insights that I've been sharing with private clients for the last 14 years. This approach is tried and true – and ready for you! 🙂


If you are an expert who knows your message and lessons learned are meant to change lives


OR you have a story that you know will be a beacon light of hope for others who are going through a struggle you've overcome


OR you simply know you are meant to speak, write and serve from a place of clarity and strength – you see yourself on stages and singing books at your local book shop…

The Made for This Collective,
was created  for You!

You wouldn't be here still reading this page if you weren't full of heart, soul and desire to serve with your voice. Our world needs people like you now more than ever – we have so much care and healing to be done! I created The Made for This Collective™ so that I could support people just like you in making a big impact and thriving along the way.


I love the email subject lines doc. It is golden when wanting to send out emails to my list. Also the support and the Intention setting to help me focus for the week. Your incredible energy shows up really well in the group, Michelle.

Martha Brown
Coach & Podcast Host


I've been into the content, including the Visibility Packet. Can I just say – this is frigging amazing?! I was just so impressed I wanted to let you know.

Joanna Denton
Executive & Public Speaking Coach

These client examples are from The Made for This Collective and other programs I've run, but all teaching the same principles.

What  is The Made for This Collective?

The Made for This Collective™ is a monthly, membership-based program where you get awesome implementation support for becoming a Recognized Leader in your Industry. This is the difference-maker in your journey to a thriving business and greatest impact.

We begin by establishing exactly where you are on The Path to Radiant Leadership so that you get just the kind of support you need most to continue the journey of Recognized Leadership.

For every stage of this Path to Radiant Leadership, you will get specific support to guide you through that stage and all the others to come, plus tons of cheering you on!

Now let's talk about all the goodness you get as part of

Monthly Masterclass

Every month you'll get access to a LIVE Masterclass to help you implement on a valuable part of your Radiant Leadership Journey. These masterclasses are led by Michelle or another expert on the topic of the month.

We cover topics like speaking, podcast guesting, writing your book, social media thought leadership and so much more! (PLUS you have access to a fully searchable library more than 20 previous masterclasses!)

These masterclasses will help you:

  • Take fast action on elements of your leadership in your industry that often feel mysterious to others. This is LIVE support so you get guidance on implementation specific to your business, too.
  • Every video inside of our learning hub is completely searchable (put in a few words and every video that includes those words will come up, with markers for where in the video the content is covered) – so you don't waste time watching classes or going through sections that simply don't apply to your needs!
  • Our masterclasses are chosen based on requests and questions from members. For classes not taught by Michelle, we have connections with some brilliant experts so you can be sure the content will be best in class!

Zoom Coaching

Whether you are looking for guidance on how to get on a TEDx stage, want feedback on your latest book idea or need support in moving through blocks to your next level of showing up as an expert in your field, you'll find the support you need in Zoom Coaching every month. 

With Monthly Zoom Coaching, you'll be able to:

  • Get Feedback from Michelle and other experts on messaging, crafting your talks and webinars, etc.
  • Dissolve barriers to you showing up and saying, doing and being the most genuine and impactful version of yourself as a leader in your industry
  • Experience “coaching by proxy” listening to other leaders get coached. Sometimes this is the best way to help you see something new in your own thought leadership, through the lens of another leader's questions.

Implementation Session

One of the most important benefits of our collective is that you no longer have to do your speaking and thought leadership – and business overall – alone. Our Co-working & Implemetation sessions are here for you to block time on your calendar to either get your own important projects done – or to implement on ideas you learned and started in a coaching session or masterclass. 

The Collective is an IMPLEMENTATION membership:

  • Every month we will have a full session dedicated to implementing on the lessons from the monthly masterclass. You won't get this expert level training then be left to figure out how to apply and take action on it in your own business. And if the topic of the masterclass isn't a priority for you that month, you can implement on any other priorities.
  • There will be starting block guidance for every session, then check-ins through the 2-hour session. We will be available to you throughout for questions so you don't get stuck and can stay in easy motion.
  • You don't have to build your thriving business alone! This is the kind of action-focused support that leads to greater impact and leadership in your industry!

Private Facebook Community

Connection, support, coaching and celebration are all available to you day and night. Our team is in the facebook each business day and the group is available day, night, weekends – 24/7.

Through this Community, you will:

  • Ask questions on your own time and be able to access answers when it works for you, too. Collective members keep all kinds of schedules so you can pop into the group anytime, it's always available.
  • Get support when you're feeling stuck or having trouble – and get celebration when things are going great! We're here for all of it! We have question threads, threads where you can share a post you'd like some love and comments on from members, and check-in threads each week.
  • Be inspired by stories and inspiration. We regularly share resources and insights here, and Michelle often hops onto Facebook Live on Monday mornings for her Unofficial Coffee Chat where she shares thoughts for the week, upcoming events in the collective and other insights.

And Get These Incredible Bonuses


Book the Best Speaking Gigs Online Course $247

One of the most common questions we receive about speaking is HOW to get great speaking gigs. Michelle created this course to answer that question as completely as possible! Plus, you'll have swipe copy for outreach emails, very clear guidance on crafting a speaker page, checklists and templates to support your ACTION, not just your learning. 


18 months worth of Visibility Packs full of, social media prompts, designed quote squares and more $297

These Visibility Packets are GOLD! Each one has 20+ daily prompts for social media, email newsletters, video content… PLUS, Instagram squares designed special for our collective, each one with an inspiring or thought-provoking quote in the personal development realm. You can customize each social media image in whatever way you wish – change colors, add your logo, change out the quote… it's all there to make showing up and serving so much easier for you!


10 Day Show Up & Shine Group Challenge with PRIZES 

Once you've had a bit of time to get acquainted with all of the riches inside of our collective, you'll be invited to create your own Show Up & Shine plan (don't worry, I'll give you lots of guidance!) to get you into action with your voice and message quickly! You'll receive daily inspiration, support and we'll cheer each other on during the full 10 days. Fun prizes will be pulled throughout the challenge to add to the delight 💖

There are many ways to create a thriving business & impact – but none of them create this outcome naturally and with such simplicity.

Sure you can create elaborate marketing plans, hire teams of people to make calls and generate opportunities to sell or pitch you for speaking gigs, podcast opportunities or to publish your book. But what if the sale was largely in motion by simple fact of your position in your industry? When you are the go-to person for the solution you offer, it is the most natural thing in the world to choose you and your company, buy your book, bring you onto their stage.

You absolutely get to choose how you venture on this business and impact journey. I want you to know that there is a way to do this that honors your desire to serve with your expertise and voice.

The Made for This Collective™
is designed for this.

I know that you hear all kinds of promises about what's possible with various programs. It can be overwhelming and exhausting looking for the kind of support that actually works to help you realize your vision for your business and impact.

I'm proud of my reputation in the speaking and thought leadership industry – and it's important to me. I get to work with some of the most brilliant leaders in our world because they trust me and my expertise. This membership program we've created is built on that expertise and backed by my reputation. It is always my goal to surprise and delight you with the quality of our programming and the support you receive in our Collective.

There is no required commitment to join The Made for This Collective™

You have so much to gain without worrying about making a huge investment. You can hop into our collective for a single month, see how it fits with your needs. If you decide it's not right for you, simply cancel within 3 days of the next renewal! Easy peasy!


I started working with Michelle because I was struggling with confidence in my thought leadership. I found myself going in circles around my core message and how I help others. Michelle is magical in her ability to listen and then encapsulate my ramblings in meaningful ways. She's helped me find clarity and confidence in my messaging and deliver even more impact as both a coach and speaker.

Elena Sonnino
Speaker, Author, Coach

Reminder, here's what you get when you join the Made for This CollectiveTM.

Access to The Path to Radiant Leadership Program

This video program walks you through the entire path from Glimmer to Radiant Leadership, guiding you to the most important things for you to focus on depending on your place on the path. This is how we both customize your experience in the Collective and also shine a light on the path forward.

Monthly Masterclasses

One of the BEST parts of our Collective, this group is full of other leaders like you who are commited to making an impact with their expertise, stories and lessons learned. You'll feel so much less alone when you share and connect with this group

$1,000+ VALUE

Zoom Coaching Session at least once per month

One of the BEST parts of our Collective, this group is full of other leaders like you who are commited to making an impact with their expertise, stories and lessons learned. You'll feel so much less alone when you share and connect with this group

$500/month VALUE

Implementation Session each month

One of the BEST parts of our Collective, this group is full of other leaders like you who are commited to making an impact with their expertise, stories and lessons learned. You'll feel so much less alone when you share and connect with this group

$250/month VALUE

Private Facebook Group

One of the BEST parts of our Collective, this group is full of other leaders like you who are commited to making an impact with their expertise, stories and lessons learned. You'll feel so much less alone when you share and connect with this group

 VALUE: 24/7 Community + Support = Priceless

Regular opportunities for feedback on talks, web copy, speaking pitches and more!

One of the BEST parts of our Collective, this group is full of other leaders like you who are commited to making an impact with their expertise, stories and lessons learned. You'll feel so much less alone when you share and connect with this group

$5,000 VALUE

Bonus #1: Book the Best Speaking Gigs

One of the most common questions we receive about speaking is HOW to get great speaking gigs. Michelle created this course to answer that question as completely as possible! Plus, you'll have swipe copy for outreach emails, very clear guidance on crafting a speaker page, checklists and templates to support your ACTION, not just your learning.

$247 VALUE

Bonus #2: 18 months of Visibility Packets full of social media quote images, prompts and more!

These Visibility Packets are GOLD! Each one has 20+ daily prompts for social media, email newsletters, video content… PLUS, Instagram squares designed special for our collective, each one with an inspiring or thought-provoking quote in the personal development realm. You can customize each social media image in whatever way you wish – change colors, add your logo, change out the quote… it's all there to make showing up and serving so much easier for you!

$297 VALUE


$67 per month or $670 for the year 

If you have any questions or concerns about the membership program, just email us.

We're happy to help: tlc@michellebarryfranco.com

Remember, there is no commitment to join.

Pay for one month, try it out and cancel within 3 days of renewal if you don't love it. (I expect you'll love it, though.)

Important Note:

The Made for This Collective™
doors will close again on September 9th, 8 PM ET

We open and close doors relatively infrequently for one reason:

We want you to have the richest, most well-supported experience INSIDE of our Collective. We love inviting in new members, but even more than that, we love serving our members at the highest level. So we close doors to focus our attention on those who have decided to join us. I hope you'll be one of them!

So, we really do close doors on July 25th and do not invite in new members after that date, until the next time we open doors. We do not currently know when we will be opening doors again, nor can we promise that the rate will remain the same. (Members who remain inside the Collective keep the rate at which they join, even if rates go up in future openings.)

I LOVE supporting you in our Collective.
You will see and hear from me often!

The Made for This Collective™ is designed to support you in creating more ease, impact and revenue in your business and toward your mission in the world.

Your stories and expertise will change so many lives.
Here's what I know about you…

You were MADE for this.

That feeling in your heart and soul is the only sign you need.

I look forward to supporting you and your beautiful impact in our world.

Click the button below and register now. I'll see you inside the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take per week?

Since this is an implemenetation support program, you will come to classes, coaching sessions, and dive into content only as you need it! So, in many ways, being part of the collective will SAVE you time. You won't have to dig through free resources you've downloaded, huge courses that cover way more than you need at a given time, etc. That said, I would suggest planning for about four hours per month so you have time to attend the masterclass (if it's relevant for you that month), get coaching in the zoom coaching session (this is always relevant!), ask questions and provide feedback and support in the collective facebook group. 

How quickly will I feel the benefits from being a member?

Assuming you show up and take advantage of all that's on offer…

One of my favorite parts of this work is that big change can show up in an instant. Between straight-forward access to exactly the training you need to reach your goals (write your book, craft your talk, get on more awesome podcasts – we've got training on all of that and more!)… and coaching to help you dissolve barriers to your greatest expression, Made for This is DESIGNED to help you feel progress and joy as fast as possible! 

I don’t use facebook. Will this still work for me?

We’ve tried using other platforms for the community aspect of programs, and none seem to work as well as Facebook. We do share the important reminders and elements of the program via email and we meet for most sessions on zoom, so you absolutely have access to content and connection without Facebook. Previous clients have created Facebook accounts for the sole purpose of this group and then deleted the accounts – possibly that would work for you as well.

I’ve done a lot of work on communication, marketing and speaking. I’m concerned this will be repeating what I’ve learned. Will this still work for me?

I love that you’ve been committed to learning how to be more effective in these important areas of life and work. This membership program is all about supporting your greatest expression and your leadership in your industry. You only need to access materials that are missing from your own library of courses and training. And if you're wishing for a particular training, I'm confident you'll find it here! 

I’ve already done programs with Michelle or been a 1:1 client. How is this different?

Made for This Collective is an implementation support program. The focus here is on supporting you in consistently sharing your voice and leadership every day as a thought leader, using best practices and a leadership mindset. It's actually the perfect way to continue being supported by Michelle and our team, without needing intensive 1:1 coaching or a big learning program. 

When will you open doors to the collective again?

We just aren't sure. Our last opening was over a year ago, so it hasn't been often, historically. We are going to assess this after we invite our newest members in. 

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You will have direct access to Michelle and our awesome coaches and experts through the zoom coaching and masterclass sessions and in the facebook group. For technical issues and other administrative questions, we have a fabulous tech expert and client concierge who will be there to support you in any way you need. Michelle is also lucky to have amazing colleagues and friends with incredible expertise in so many areas so if we notice you need help, we are going to do whatever we can to support you. This is a big beautiful container of support and love we are creating!

Is there a community with this product?

YES! And it is one of the very best parts. There is just nothing like surrounding yourself with other women who are on a mission to release the barriers to their most authentic, powerful voice and shine their light right alongside you. And, not to brag, but we have the most wonderful women in our larger community which means we gather beautiful souls in our masterminds – friendships and collaborations are often created that last years to come.

What’s the monthly schedule?

Generally speaking, we have masterclasses the second Thursday of the month, coaching sessions the third Tuesday or Wednesday and Co-working the last week of the month (the day varies). Since Michelle is an active speaker and training facilitator, travel can cause. us to switch up days with some frequency. We always try to have the next month's schedule available by midway the month prior.

Can I invite my friend to join me in this program?

OF COURSE!! Thank you for asking this 🙂 We absolutely want your friends to join us! Also, beautiful new friendships are often a bonus part of our programs. We tend to attract the most wonderful souls. We also have an affiliate program so if you'd like to make a formal referral arrangement, we'd love to set you up! 

Can I get a refund? And, what is the cancellation policy?

Because the collective is so accessible, and it's really not possible to assess how it's working for you until you get pretty deep into the month, we do not give refunds for monthly payments.

If you pay for an entire year (you get two months free this way!), and you decide after one month that it isn't working for you, we will send you a refund minus the first month fee. We need notification of your decision within 5 days of the end of your first month in order to honor this request. 

Doors open September 2nd and close again on Septermber 9th.  Investment is $67/month or $670/year (two months free).

About Your Membership Leader

Michelle Barry Franco is the speaker coach to founders, leaders, celebrities and well-known thought leaders across the world. From TEDx stages to the most exciting keynote addresses in any industry, she’s had the honor of helping hundreds of brilliant people turn their stories and expertise into talks that change lives and inspire positive action. Her greatest devotion is to helping you share your voice, story and message with clarity and conviction – and have an amazing time doing it. She created Unleashed: The Mastermind to expand the work of releasing your voice with full freedom into every area of your life.

I LOVE supporting you in our Collective.
You will see and hear from me often!


Every time I get into conversation with Michelle, a sense of clarity washes over me so jumping into this offer was a no brainer.

Sara Walka
Founder of Sisters Enchanted


What I love most about being a part of the collective are the incredible resources and inspiration we get access to every month, the total lack of judgment and the ever presence of positive feedback and support. And, of course, Michelle and her light tying it all together for us week after week. It’s hard to find spots where I feel welcome in the world these days and the collective is one of those beautiful, bright spots for me.

Jamie Muskopf
Information Strategist, Consultant & University Faculty

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