You know that your expertise and story are meant to change lives – and this matters right now more than ever.

We are living in wild & unusual times. People are struggling to find their new sense of stability and connection.

And as someone with a powerful story and message, you are  uniquely qualified to help.


That's the  challenge for you right now.

How do you make yourself known and trusted so you can serve in the way you know you are meant to with your message?

I’m going to tell you something that might seem surprising at first, but please stick with me:

The “HOW” is easy.

The real problem isn’t that you don’t know how to craft a captivating talk, write your book, be consistent on social media, tell your story…

While you may need some simple training on some of those things to make the process faster and more effective, this is NOT what’s been getting in your way.

What’s getting in your way is deeper and  more elusive than all that.

(Which is why even when you buy those trainings, you still feel uncertain and overwhelmed.)

Have you ever wondered   why you can’t seem to find clarity on your message

or feel confident enough in your story to share it big, bold, far and wide?

Because I want you to know that there IS a reason for this – and it’s very likely not what you think.

And it’s definitely not that you aren’t meant for this work.

Here's the  truth.

For most leaders, sharing vulnerable stories is scary.

No one teaches us how to be real while also being powerfully engaging (it’s a magical mix of skill, art and surrender).

The “7-step blueprint” is not the answer to your desire to serve with your voice and message (I know you know this – but let me underscore this now).

You don’t have to be high-energy, super dynamic and funny to be captivating and engaging on stage, on video, on podcasts and in writing.

That fear you feel is normal – but that doesn’t mean you know what to do about it.

Those innocent sensations in your body that you’ve been taught to think of as a “sign” to protect yourself – they don’t mean what you’ve been taught they mean. 

The  truth is that you have so much clarity and conviction living inside you, it will blow your own mind.

We are going to tap into that powerful place in you that knows you are meant to change lives with this message – and make that your reference every day.

This totally inside-out, unconventional approach to tapping your INNER SPEAKER and THOUGHT LEADER is where freedom lives for you and your biggest impact in the world.

Instead of…

… swirling around in uncertainty and fear, you’ll be sharing your message and inspiring hope. 

… procrastinating offering to speak on that dream stage, you’ll take simple action with our clear and focused Get Great Speaking Gigs training inside of our membership’s free library of courses.

… undercharging, overdelivering or giving away your beautiful gifts for free, you’ll stand confidently in your beautiful “Right Pricing,” knowing that the change you inspire is so much bigger than the well-paid investment you’ve offered your client.

You are  tired of playing  small.

>> You want so much to use your experience, story and message to change lives. 

>> You are exhausted from overthinking and worrying that whatever you decide to do will be a waste of time and money.

>> You’re tired of feeling shame from buying courses, programs, and investing in coaches and then finding yourself even more confused and lost, tired and in a mental spin. It makes you want to hide, which feels inauthentic and out of integrity for you.

You are so  tired of feeling like you have so much to offer the world and not knowing how to make it happen.

And while I stand by my statement that the HOW is not where your biggest impact lives, it’s definitely part of the path to building a thriving, high-impact message-driven business.

That’s why we cover both the HOW and the much deeper work of completely shifting where you look for your confidence, clarity and conviction as a business leader, speaker and thought leader.


The first conversation we had made me realize that what I really have to say is so much bigger. She really helped me get to the heart of my message—what the real big message was. It was the best day ever. When I went up to do that talk, I had all the confidence in the world. I knew it like the back of my hand. It also helped me shape the outline of my book. Some of the best work that I did, definitely, in 2019 was with Michelle.

Rachel Rodgers
CEO, Hello Seven

"I am gaining so much more clarity than I ever thought possible. I didn't even realize that crafting a talk or speaking was something that could be possible for me until coming into this group and hearing the stories of so many amazing people. I am so grateful for being a part of this program Michelle, and I cannot wait to see how it all ends!! Thank you for all of the help and feedback."

"Michelle: at the risk of bumming everyone else out, YOU HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE on this course. I swear I have gotten so much value already!!! Thank you so much!"

"UNBELIEVABLE EXPERTISE… Michelle is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with in any field." - Melanie Vetter

“Michelle had an ability to take my mess and make art out of it. She was very intuitive and helped me shape and formulate my message.” – Gayle Canton

No one teaches us how to use our voice with  clarity and authenticity.

Not with the kind of integrity and connection you dream of… and the power, grace and presence, too.

This is about learning new skills, yes. 

But it’s about something so much deeper that goes against almost everything you hear in the business, speaking and thought leadership world.

I know this because it's my story, too.

I grew up knowing that I was meant to help people live better lives.

 From way back in middle school, I remember friends and family coming to me to help them figure out how to get over a fight with their best friend or parents – or get out of being in big trouble for making bad decisions.

When I was in high school, we lost my older brother to an alcohol overdose. We were really close. My heart was broken. I had no idea what to do with the heartache, until I found Mother Against Drunk Drivers at my high school. I joined the outreach group where we learned to tour campus classrooms, sharing gory car crash scenes and teaching our fellow classmates not to drink and drive. My brother hadn’t died from a drunk driving accident, but it was related so it felt meaningful.

This is where I learned the power of changing a lot of lives all at once as a speaker.


In college I joined the Peer Education Program where we traveled to various classes with a banana and a binder full of the many textures and flavors of condoms.

I loved seeing how powerfully my voice could be used to change lives in a way that mattered.

But here’s where the story gets tricky. Because it’s one thing to travel with peers, sharing a curriculum created by professors and other leading experts… and it’s another thing altogether to share your own story and expertise.

When I got into business in 2008, my confidence quickly dropped. It turns out that captivating an audience with meaty human topics like sex and alcohol – and not charing for it – is a LOT different than taking a stand for my own ideas and building a business around them.

Here's how that went for me in the first (too many) years of my business…

>> I spent a lot of time speaking for free for audiences who were not my ideal clients (which means I rarely got hired from those events).

>> Even when I was paid to speak, the amount was so small it wasn’t worth the time it took to prepare and deliver.

>> The clients and collaborators that came to me were desperate for help and partnership, but could barely pay my (very small at the time) fees nor do the work necessary to really shine and thrive.

>> Most of the time, I was head down trying to “fix” my messaging and my strategy and my business overall… because surely I was one “tweak” away from the booming impact I knew I was meant to make (this went on for years).

I was a seeker and determined to figure out what was wrong with me so I could finally live into this call that I felt living inside of me. 

I tried every self-help book, business strategy book, workshop, mastermind, course, consultant… that I could find.

Until one day I met a coach and mentor who showed me an entirely new way of seeing life, work and self-expression. Suddenly, I saw something more powerful than all of my years of education, teaching at the college level, painstakingly growing my business… more powerful than all of it.

I saw who we are as humans, underneath all of the trying so hard, thinking too much, hard-earned work and struggle… the always-clear, ever-calm, ready for whatever comes our way place in us is just there. It always has been.

I was just looking in the wrong direction. Most of us are. And it’s a game-changer to know this. 

Business, speaking and thought leadership haven’t been the same since.

There’s a levity, an ease… a way of being that allows for so much surrendered expression and freedom, that brings impact with so much less effort.

Oh, I forget sometimes. Of course. I have a human brain. But remembering is the magic.

This collective, Made for this., is built on this powerful, vibrant foundation of WHO YOU ARE.

So I went back to all of my trainings, all of the coaching programs and ways I serve my clients and saw them through this new, clearer lens. I reshaped things, I created new videos… most important, this way of working and leading is at the heart of all of my coaching and thought leadership now.

Of course it is. When we see something beautiful, powerful, and life-changing, we want those we serve to know about it. Deeply, in a way that changes things.

There is no other program like this out there. Not where you get all the training on speaking, writing, business and platform building you can imagine… PLUS this life-changing way of seeing how to live into your vision for your life and your work.

While I’m spending a lot of time emphasizing the foundational perspective you’ll find in Made for this., you should know, the training library and ever-growing masterclass collection is world-class.

What's inside

Here’s what you get every month as part of Made for This.:

Done-For-You Visibility Plan

Every single month you’ll receive a fresh new customizable plan, with social media post prompts, attention-grabbing headlines, Facebook & Instagram Live topic ideas + new social media design templates you can customize! (No more not knowing what to say!)

A New Masterclass

Fresh new content, delivered live on topics such as: Crafting Your Story of Transformation, Getting on the TEDx stage, Leading with Presence, Social Media strategy and so much more! Delivered by Michelle and other high level experts.

Live Hot Seat Coaching

A live group coaching session with Michelle with the opportunity for a hotseat, every month. These coaching sessions are a powerful way to release any blocks you have to being highly visible and taking your stand as a leader.

Monthly Co-Working session

Gather with your Collective peers and get some good work done together. We check in for accountability and celebration and otherwise spend the time diving deep on good work we need to get done. You really don't have to do thought leadership alone!

Brilliant Private Community of Thought Leaders

Leadership can be lonely – but not when you surround yourself with big-hearted, mission-driven people like yourself. In our private Facebook group, you will be able to share your ideas, ask for feedback or just to have us cheer you on. Michelle and the CLC team will be in the group every single weekday, answering questions and providing encouragement. This kind of community is GOLD on your path to thought leadership!

Access to a library of some of my best courses
(Content previously sold for up to $6000)

✓ Public speaking

✓ Message clarity

✓ Full freedom expression

The fine print: please note that your membership will renew every month or year (depending on which you sign up for), which means you don’t have to keep track of renewing. You can cancel within 3 business days of renewal to avoid being billed for the next month. There are no refunds but you’ll see why this experience is worth so much more than the fees you see here!


I knew I had a message to share, but I wasn’t feeling very clear and didn’t know where to start. I like to have a plan; a system. I knew Michelle had a really clear process that was also very nurturing and organic and would really help me determine what my core message was – plus a real strategic plan for how I would craft the talk and the pieces around it. She’s so much more than a speaking coach – she’s a message and thought leadership coach, which is exactly what I needed.

Megan Flatt

The expert industry and business in general is always shifting and changing.

Now you’ll have support as you navigate it all. You won’t find a more fabulous, brilliant, caring crew anywhere.

You don't have to do this alone anymore.

Join us in Made for this.

World-class training. 

Perspective on who you are that goes way beyond mindset. You are MADE for this. 

The most brilliant community of founders, leaders and thought leaders.

Are you  nervous about signing up for yet another program?

I totally get it.

You are juggling a lot. And yet that call you feel living in you, that vision of you on that big stage or at your book signing… it isn’t going away. 

The reason you’ve struggled to get on those stages or get that book written isn’t that you’re too busy or you don’t know how… it’s that you aren’t seeing how powerful and free you are to do these things right now.

I know that sounds simplistic but I promise you, it’s where your greatest impact lives. And I want to show you this in a way that you can’t ignore. From there, the rest is a simple list of things you choose to do to get where you want to go.

Made for this is created for exactly this purpose. I’ve designed this collective to bring you the beautiful right mix of all the how-to you will need, on a foundation of freedom of expression.

This is how you get there, Brilliant Leader. It’s time to finally go all in – and get the support you deserve for the most incredible journey of your life.

Because, my friend… you were Made for this.

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