You are on FIRE!

 Armed with a powerful message and body of work built for legacy, you’re on fire with your message. Discernment is key so your time is used for greatest impact, including the right team. Confident and on purpose, you’re sometimes overwhelmed with so many irons in the fire.

A Note from Michelle

All of the work you’ve been doing is paying off! The outreach, relationship-building, showing up and shining with your message… momentum is in full swing!

You are clear on your message and getting exciting opportunities more regularly. People are reaching out to you to speak again. 

The shadow side of all of this goodness, is that this stage can bring on overwhelm. This is when burnout often happens because all that work that you did during the previous stage is now coming to you, likely in big waves, and you still have that feeling that you don’t want to miss out on great opportunities.

You planted all these seeds and you don't want to turn them away for fear they won’t come around again. 

Over time in this stage, your most important learning is discernment – and trust. Trusting that the work you’ve done isn’t temporary, that there is a way to keep sustainable momentum. 

You even begin to say no to some things that you can't believe you’re declining. (Though likely not enough of them!)

This might mean saying “No” to podcast interviews and guest speaker opportunities. You might choose NOT to do the TEDx talk because it takes a lot of time and energy and it might not make sense for what you're trying to create.

It’s likely that you have a team to manage at this phase. Support is really helpful here, even a few hours a week so that you're not doing all the things. 

Because you have so much going on at once, it’s a good time to look closely at and uplevel your systems. How can you remove yourself from different parts of running your business? Whether it’s a team member fully owning the weekly newsletter, a social media specialist who posts and responds to comments, or a personal assistant who helps you manage home responsibilities as well as business ones – look everywhere you can bring in help at a level that is right for your business. 

Collaborations and partnerships are still the best place to put time and energy when it comes to growth but your own community has likely grown such that it has its own growth energy. 

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while, you can trust that your message is tested and honed enough to get started on that. Same with creating your Rooftop Message Talk or TEDx Talk. 

You’ve made it on the other side of all of the doing and output that the Fire phase includes, now it’s finding sustainable ways of working that help you reach your goals.  

I want you to know that you are MADE for this – all of it. Even the hard parts. Even learning “no” and finding your flow amidst so many exciting opportunities. 

Many of my clients are in the Fire phase I’d love to support you as you continue to show up and shine with your voice and message.  Let’s chat about how we can work together. Go here to get that process started.


  • People reach out to you to speak
  • More opportunities than you can manage
  • May have a team to manage – learning leadership of team

Key Activities

  • Find great support, part-time
  • Continue to refine systems
  • Learn about leading a team and delegation

This phase is all about excellent support. If you haven’t checked out the Made for This Collective, you probably want to do that.

It also may be that you need even more direct, one-on-one support. I work with a small number of clients in this way.

Would you like to talk about how I might support you during this phase? Here’s a link to start that process. It would be an honor to learn more about you and see how we might work together.The