Work with Michelle

1:1 Coaching – Private Retreat

Sometimes you just want some time, space and support to dive deep and stay there for a while, getting everything brainstormed, explored, mapped out and planned.

You want to see what is really in the way of the next level – what’s been blocking you that you can’t seem to reveal on your own or in lighter coaching sessions. 

This is what a private retreat is made for. And these are my specialty. 

For years, I’ve taken at least four private working retreats every year where I can really sink into the joy and deep work of releasing barriers to my best work, indulge in some wonderful pleasures (spa treatments, walks in beautiful places, glorious hours to write and think and listen) and also get some really excellent work done. I’ve written books this way, created full video series and courses and plenty of other projects that inspire others to say, “HOW do you get so much done?!”

Working retreats are  magic.

I’d love to support you in creating one, with my support. Let’s build you a two to three day experience that meets you exactly where you are and allows me to support you with deep dive coaching together as well as good, healthy food and a plan that lights you up for your retreat! 

>> The Perfect Agenda Tailored to Support You
We’ll put together an agenda that includes everything you want: spacious time, beautiful space, vibrant food, rich coaching conversation… and many other delightful ideas I’ll share with you in our initial planning session. This is going to be so amazing!

>> Included Access to Select Resources Chosen Just for You
We will also gather the best resources for your needs from my huge library of courses and books to include in this custom package.

Custom private retreats start at $5,000 and go up from there.

(can be combined with six-month coaching into a package)