Work with Me

You are ready to share your ideas in a bigger way.

Because it's time.

Whether it's a keynote speech, a TEDx talk or just finally infusing your voice and message in all aspects of your work and life, I'm here to help.

It's not just about this upcoming speech or talk, though. It's always been about something more. This next phase of your work and life is about creating the difference you know you're meant to make.

And you don't want to compromise on your message, your mission or vision.

So, yes – it's about being a great speaker, leader, communicator… AND you are ready for it to feel less hard, with less hustle.

More ease of expression.

Good news:

You were made for this.

And it's my mission to help you find your most effortless voice, sharing your ideas and leading in a way that feels fully expressed and alive.

This is about you!

It's so much less about what you do or how you do it – what you say or how you say it… there is a whole new way to see your work, your self-expression… your life overall. That's the conversation we are going to have.

Our most important work isn’t about doing more, it’s about you seeing and connecting in a lasting way with that deep part of you that is generative, full of fresh ideas and knows how to make them happen. I promise you, after years of helping founders and leaders do allll the doing, that is not where your most powerful work lies. The deeper work we will do together is where the magic lives.

It’s time to go from thinking so hard and trying to “get it right” when you speak, write and share your ideas to feeling more peace, freedom and rich satisfaction in your communication. 

I can't wait to support you!

There are  two ways to work with me:


Intensive, high-touch support for your business growth and industry leadership. 


Join the BEST speaking & thought leadership collective for founders. 

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching – 6 months

We begin in
Beautiful Retreat.

We’ll spend either a half day virtual retreat or, if you’d like to travel to beautiful Asheville, NC, I’ll help you plan a full retreat experience and join you for part of it.


  • Retreat guide with beautiful rituals and ideas for creating sacred space and energy
  • Surprise package with wonderful delights to add to your retreat experience
  • Guided exploration of your deepest desires and biggest dreams
  • Full Visioning Session with a beautifully designed Vision 
  • A dynamic plan for our work together with a clear path toward your Vision
  • Sacred space and time to honor and enjoy that call that lives in you
  • Full reverence for this beautiful gift that you bring to your work and life


  • Meet three times per month for 45 minutes each. These coaching sessions are devoted to helping you stay on track and in full flow around your Vision. 
  • Stay connected via email, Voxer and phone for quick check-ins and resets as needed. We are in full partnership while we are working together. 
  • Plan mini-retreats, special sessions and resources in whatever way needed. This is way less about the structure of our work together than it is about you feeling fully supported in your Vision.

>> Includes Everything I Offer to Support You
You get access to any and all programs, courses and resources that I have to support you in your best work. And I’ve got a LOT of courses and programs to share with you so if there’s something you’ve been wanting to learn about speaking, messaging, thought leadership, course creation… you’ve got it!

>> 6-Months Access to TL Collective
Membership in the awesome TL Collective is also included for the full six months, so you have a beautiful community of support beyond our work together, too.

Doing big, beautiful work in the world is deep work. If high-touch support that goes way beyond strategy and cookie cutter systems sounds dreamy to you, let's chat. 

I only work with a small number of private clients at a time. Get in touch soon!

1:1 Coaching – Private Retreat

Sometimes you just want some time, space and support to dive deep and stay there for a while, getting everything brainstormed, explored, mapped out and planned.

You want to see what is really in the way of the next level – what’s been blocking you that you can’t seem to reveal on your own or in lighter coaching sessions. 

This is what a private retreat is made for. And these are my specialty. 

For years, I’ve taken at least four private working retreats every year where I can really sink into the joy and deep work of releasing barriers to my best work, indulge in some wonderful pleasures (spa treatments, walks in beautiful places, glorious hours to write and think and listen) and also get some really excellent work done. I’ve written books this way, created full video series and courses and plenty of other projects that inspire others to say, “HOW do you get so much done?!”

Working retreats are  magic.

I’d love to support you in creating one, with my support. Let’s build you a two to three day experience that meets you exactly where you are and allows me to support you with deep dive coaching together as well as good, healthy food and a plan that lights you up for your retreat! 

>> The Perfect Agenda Tailored to Support You
We’ll put together an agenda that includes everything you want: spacious time, beautiful space, vibrant food, rich coaching conversation… and many other delightful ideas I’ll share with you in our initial planning session. This is going to be so amazing!

>> Included Access to Select Resources Chosen Just for You
We will also gather the best resources for your needs from my huge library of courses and books to include in this custom package.

Custom private retreats start at $5,000 and go up from there.

(can be combined with six-month coaching into a package)

TED Talk or Keynote Talk Coaching

Got a TED talk or Keynote on the books already and want specific support for this upcoming talk.

I’ve got you! You definitely don’t have to do this alone.

We’ll start from the very beginning together around the right message for this talk given your audience, your goals and your Vision for your impact. This is a game-changing part of the process. 

Then we’ll walk together step by step through the process of crafting your engaging talk, including content prep, organizing your talk for maximum engagement and long-term impact, powerful call-to-action and confident, captivating delivery.

More than  20 years of teaching and coaching on public speaking means I can bring all of the best practices to our work together.

However, the most important and powerful part is how your view of speaking will likely change forever.

I want you to love sharing your ideas with clarity and conviction, in this talk coming up, and in all talks going forward. You will now know how to craft a talk for any event with way more confidence and ease.  

I love knowing that our partnership around your talk will make this whole process so much more peaceful, exciting and fun for you. And I promise, you’ll blow your own mind with the talk we’ll create together for you! 

Ideally we have at least two months to work together on your upcoming talk. If it’s sooner than that, we’ll fast-track our work and the investment is a bit higher because our work is more concentrated. Either way, let’s do this!!

Investment for TED Talk or Keynote Speech coaching starts at $6,000.

Group Coaching

If you want my support and coaching but aren’t quite ready for one-on-one coaching, we’d love to have you in TL Collective, our monthly membership program.

This is the most affordable way to work with me and also gives you access to many of my courses, direct coaching and the most amazing community of heart-centered thought leaders you can imagine. You can join by the month or join for a full year and get two months free.