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 Conscious Business Leaders 

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Life-changing ideas must be shared with power & grace to have their greatest impact. My job is to inspire this kind of communication for the audience.

I've worked with more than 1,000 speakers and thought leaders at every level in a huge range of industries. My clients have spoken on TEDx stages, huge industry conferences and at the helm of boardroom meetings. I want every conscious business leader to know that their ideas are meant to change lives and inspire greater good in our world. My job is to inspire and embolden conscious business leaders to become the kind of speaker who makes a lasting impact every time they speak. My keynotes and breakout sessions draw on best practices in public speaking combined with my Full Freedom Speaking™ approach to powerful speaking delivery, as well as 30+ years of speaking publicly myself.

There is no more powerful way to change lives than through captivating, inspiring speaking. Let me help your audience learn how to be the speaker they're meant to be.

When you hire me to speak for your audience,
you can expect:

A customized experience for your audience. I never deliver “off the shelf” talks. Every talk is customized for the audience, including relevant stories, research and audience engagement activities most compelling for the specific group.

Inspiration + actionable tools. My job as a speaker for your audience is to make their lives better, during our time together and after they leave. I always craft talk content with that goal at the heart.

Ease and Professionalism. Speaking for over three decades means I have systems in place to make the entire process of hiring me to speak all the way through to after the speaking event, simple and streamlined. My goal is that you have such a wonderful experience working with me that you can’t wait to tell your friends!


Michelle spoke with our WPO group in San Fran and truly has a gift for breaking down the keys to actually “connecting” with your audience.

Julie Moreland

My Topics Include:

Beyond Applause: How to use speaking to make a meaningful difference with your message

Some of us are called to share our stories, lessons learned and expertise through speaking. Yet no one tells us how to do this in a way that captivates, inspires and serves the audience. In this talk, I share the The Path to Thought Leadership model that I discovered in my work with more than 1,000 speakers as well as studying all of our most revered thought leaders. With stories, research and practical application tools, the audience walks away with a clear path for stepping into their own call as a speaker and thought leader.

Audience walks away with:

  • A clear path to follow to get on bigger and better stages over time
  • The essentials characteristics required for leadership speaking
  • Practical tools for releasing fear and focusing energy on the right things as a speaker
  • Inspiring stories that help them see their ability to make the difference they want to make
Leading Through Speaking: How to use your stories and lessons learned to help others realize their dreams

Great speaking is a leadership move. It’s also a fast-track to making a difference. When you learn the skills of great leadership speaking, you increase your credibility and your influence. From this place of greater leadership, your career aspirations or business goals are in much closer reach. In this talk, I share the tools for stepping into a leadership role through speaking, regardless of your job title or years in business.

Audience walks away with:

  • Specific guidance on how to tell their stories in a way that serves others
  • The path to using speaking to establish leadership in their industry
  • How to choose topics and content that serves your audience and meets your goals as a leadership speaker
  • Tools for recognizing and releasing any fear that may be blocking their greatest expression
The Path to Thought Leadership: How to set yourself up as a go-to speaker in your industry so you can make the biggest impact

We know that our greatest impact is available to us when we have a position of leadership. We need credibility in order to create change, influence others around us. Thought leadership is often thought of as a label that others bestow upon us. But the truth is, leadership is a choice we make – and the same is true for thought leadership. I’ve studied thought leadership for years, with my own clients and by watching well-known thought leaders. There is a clear path to getting there. This talk shares that path with the audience – and guides them in how to use it to make the biggest impact with their message.

Audience walks away with:

  • The Path to Thought Leadership model – what it is and how to use it in their own lives
  • The most essential talk elements in a thought leadership style talk
  • How to use their personal story in a way that increases credibility and creates stronger audience connection
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to step into great influence as a speaker, no matter where they are beginning
How Ready Are You to Hit the Stage? The Five Characteristics Every Leadership Speaker Must Have

Many leaders, founders and business owners want to use speaking to make a bigger difference, to attract clients they love and to establish themselves as a leader in their industry. Yet, something gets in the way of stepping fully into their most powerful authentic voice as a speaker. This struggle became so pervasive that I decided to study this struggle and figure out what was that mysterious block to great speaking. The result of this research is the 5 Cs of Transformational Thought Leadership. In this talk, I share the 5 Cs and help audience members figure out which, if any, might be getting in their way. Then, I share tools to embolden every one of the Cs to remove the barrier to their greatest impact as a speaker.

Audience walks away with:

  • A clear understanding of the 5 characteristics every transformational thought leader must have
  • Understanding of which of the 5 Cs might be blocking them
  • Tools and strategies they can employ right away to remove any blocks they have to great speaking
Releasing the Fear that Keeps You From Sharing Your Message and Changing Lives as a Speaker

We all know that speaking anxiety is pervasive. We expect to feel that zingy energy when we are about to get on stage. However, there is a special kind of fear that comes with the decision to share our own stories and lessons learned in service of changing other people’s lives. It’s an even stealthier fear, which means we may not even realize it is running the show. It masks itself as “I’m too busy to prepare that talk” and “Someday I’m going to be on one of those amazing stages – I’m just not ready yet.” The good news is, as soon as we shine a light on this clever fear, we can release it, allowing us to finally become the life-changing transformational speaker we know we are meant to be. In this inspiring and highly practical talk, I share the Releasing Fear practice that changed my own life and the lives of many of my clients so that members of your audience can finally step into their role as authentic powerful speakers.

Audience walks away with:

  • Clear understanding of the many faces of fear and speaking anxiety
  • Actionable tools to help them release speaking anxiety in acute moments
  • The IF Today Practice… a step-by-step guide for making releasing fear a regular and pleasant part of their lives
  • Fun ways to practice courage and daring in incremental steps

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Michelle was the best presenter of all the sessions I attended. Very engaging, passionate and sincere.

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TEDxBend Coaches Team


The Hivery Entrepreneur’s Day Speaker

NAWBO San Francisco Bay Area

Emerging Women Leadership Conference

WPO (Women Presidents Organization)

Going Pro magazine


Federal Reserve Bank

Rooftop Message Talks

The Hivery Blog

Here's What Conference Hosts  Say

after hearing me speak:


Thank you again for the terrific presentation you gave to our group on Tuesday. Everyone from President to HR manager learned something new.  At our dinner that evening, and also on Wednesday, I continued to hear great comments about your talk.

Rebecca Spooner, VP of Administration, Colson Associates


Michelle ~ Rave reviews! Fabulous! Fabulous! Thanks a million.

Joan (and the Board)


Thank you so much for your recent presentation. We could spend hours listening to you and all of your knowledge.  We are so grateful for your eloquent expertise.

Julie and the NEW Board


Michelle, I want to thank you for your presentation at Network. In my 16 years with the organization, I have seen many speakers. I thought you were up there with the best.


Formal  Bio: Michelle Barry Franco

Michelle Barry Franco is a speaker, author and public speaking coach who is on a mission to amplify voices for good in our world. Her keynotes and breakout sessions are full of inspiring stories of the many clients she’s worked with across her decades as a speaker and then a speaking coach. Every talk is also full of actionable tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately. At the heart of her mission as a speaker and thought leader is her fundamental belief that there is no more powerful way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many people at once than through authentic powerful speaking.

Michelle has a Master’s degree in Speech Communication, a BA in Cognitive Psychology and is a certified Whole Person Coach and she taught public speaking at the college level for more than a decade. She has individually helped more than 1,000 speakers including C-suite leaders, award-winning company founders and best-selling authors – and many mission driven leaders at every level – to be successful in one of the bravest choices of their lives: sharing their stories, expertise and lessons-learned for the benefit of others.