WDS Speak So It Matters Academy Bonuses

Hello WDS Speaker Friends!

I loved our time together at the Speak So It Matters academy! I hope it was even half as awesome for you as it was for me!

Here are those additional resources I promised – plus some more fun ones I thought you might enjoy. If you download the Beyond Applause Workbook, you'll have all of these things:

  • TOPOYEN (The Only Presentation Outline You'll Ever Need)
  • Speaker Page Checklist to help you create a fabulous speaker page to send to your next speaking opportunities (just do it!)
  • Turn Anxiety Into Useful Energy strategies worksheet – my client favorites for releasing anxiety and allowing that extra energy to serve your great speaking
  • Many more resources to help you make the most of what's in your new Beyond Applause book.

Click the images of the Workbook and MP3 below to access 

Here are some other free programs and resources I've created that will help you make the biggest difference with your message (these are opt-in programs which add you to our weekly Beyond Applause email community with new resources every week as well):

5 Essential Things You Need to Become a Go-To Speaker in Your Industry (get totally ready to be irresistible to the right audiences!)

Get Started Speaking Guide (pretty much all the things you need to get started – or get more focused – with your speaking adventures)

Each Wednesday I publish a new Beyond Applause podcast where I share my best teaching, stories and inspiration – and some pretty awesome interviews – all in support of you making the biggest difference with your speaking. This episode interview with the lead organizer of TEDxBend is a favorite, all about how to get on the TEDx stage. And I've gotten lots of excited notes about this one on how to tell your personal story in a way that serves too (a good combo with the amazing insights we got from Yes Yes Marsha today!) Listen in!

And if you just know that you want full support, coaching and mentorship, I'd love to chat about how I can help. Grab a free consult spot on my calendar and let's chat! (no pressure – I'm happy to share resources and referrals with you whether we work together or not!)

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