You want to get some great work done in the world, right? I feel confident in that guess because you're here on this blog – and that's so much of what this blog is about.

So, you really must go on a working retreat
– if you don't already do that. And if you do do that, then you really must share your ways and tips with us so the rest of us can go on even more of them. I was on one today – will be again next Friday. Working retreats are when I get my best work done. I do them often. So, I'm going to do a series of posts on how to pull one together for yourself, based on the three most common questions I get from clients and friends about working retreats:

  1. Where do I go on retreat?
  2. How do I afford a great working retreat?
  3. What do I do on a working retreat?

Here's the video where I chat about all this: