Straight to the list today:
1. Pono Kai, Kapa’a, Kauai. Giant lawn where Simone does flips and beachfront with perfect climbing trees. (Pic is us in Kauai)
2. Adobe on Green Street B&B in Santa Cruz, CA. Amazing breakfast just off the rustic kitchen, sweet conversation with guests and walking to downtown.
3. Perfect simple cabin I can’t find again in Sooke, BC – Tucked into the woods with soaking tub outside, the most peaceful place I’ve stayed. We hiked to a beach where a naked guy wearing only a backpack asked us what time it was.
4. Parilla Grill in Bend, OR for a Chicken Bombay Bomburrito. Their sign reads: Sorry, we're open and I laughed every single time I saw it. Bend Friends – you are above Parilla Grill, of course. Miss you!
5. Charlottesville, VA's quintessential brick-paved downtown, so much outdoor dining and delicious Mudhouse Coffee. C’vill friends, I’M SO EXCITED to see you very soon!
6. This tiny coffee shop in the square in Tuscany, Italy with standing room only. People bought and slammed their espresso before walking out to start their work day.
7. Floating in the Mediterranean sea. While on a trip to Greece, I took a boat ride where there was Ouzo (bleh!), an amazing sunset and floating in the salty sea.
8. Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara, CA. I nearly cried watching the sunset and listening to the waves crash, it was all so beautiful. A mediocre restaurant sits right on the beach and is worth it for the views and warmth in the colder months.
9. There’s a park in Savannah, GA with Spanish moss draping from beautiful trees, and the cutest coffee shop around the corner with turquoise shutters. I’d like to go back and sit in those chairs and stare out the window.
10. My favorite restaurant in the whole entire world is The Siren Cafe at Stinson Beach. Their fish tacos are so good. But it was the combo of yummy, easy food sold in cardboard trays and most incredible ocean view that make it my favorite. They closed to remodel during the pandemic and promised to re-open in 2023. Fingers crossed!
Now you: Where is one place you can't wait to visit (again)?