There are many awesome ways to share your ideas on stage. That said, there is something special about speaking on a TED or TEDx stage – especially for people who are on a mission to change the world with their message.

It makes sense. TED events tend to offer beautiful stage experience and production, and it’s pretty cool to be a part of an event with strong ethical guidelines that is designed to ignite ideas and engagement with the audience.

The mystery comes in when aspiring speakers try to figure out how to get on a TEDx stage. It feels daunting and it’s hard to know where to start.

I love sharing what I’ve learned working with many TEDx speakers to help remove the barriers to you getting on a TEDx stage if that’s your dream.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you can start setting yourself up now to get onto a TEDx stage, even if you aren’t quite ready yet
  • The importance of your own goals for speaking on a TEDx stage as you decide how to approach your application
  • What it means to create an “Idea worth Spreading” – and how it often differs from an idea for a keynote
  • Specific qualifications that TEDx curation teams are looking for in TEDx speakers
  • Some of the red flags TEDx event organizers are watching for – they might surprise you!
  • Why you don’t have to be an amazing speaker to get a TEDx talk opportunity
  • The importance of applying to more than one event
  • Why being qualified isn’t a guarantee you’ll be invited to speak

Here’s the thing: you are meant for a TED talk, if you feel called to do one. Whether you are ready right now or you want to use this episode to continue to establish your credibility, you can absolutely find an event that will fit your goals and big idea.

I hope this episode is helpful for you on the path!

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