Story is magic for creating connection. When you tell a story that shows the people you want to serve that you get what they are experiencing, have been there yourself (or helped another person go through it), and come out the other side, you are a beacon light for them.

This is why I call your Story of Transformation your Beacon Light Story.

The truth is, though, you’ve been through a lot of transformations. Any time you go from one place to another, weathering the difficulties along the way, growing and learning – you transform through the process.

Knowing how to choose the story that will serve your audience best is important.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Examples of powerful stories of transformation from my own life, and my clients.
  • Why story is so powerful as part of your thought leadership
  • The basis of choosing your story of transformation, and how it all ties together
  • Where story fits in your overall messaging
  • The reason your story isn’t really about you when you use it to serve

I hope this episode helps you focus in on the story you want to share as you step into bigger leadership with your message.

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