Showing up and sharing your voice can be scary. It takes courage and trust.

I’ve been researching the ways and layers of trust and have found it to be really helpful to see all the ways trust serves – and lack of trust can hurt – our impact and leadership.

In this episode, I explore three layers of trust and how they have been a part of my own journey of leadership. From trusting myself, to trusting others, to seeing that there is something much bigger than me that is infinitely trustworthy – these insights have been profound for my own growth.

You’ll also hear about a decision that trusting myself has inspired me to make – and why I’m doing it right now.

Specifically, you’ll hear about:

  • How I know the difference between when I’m trusting myself and when I’m not
  • The time I transferred all of my trust to others, in a way that doesn’t really work, and what I learned from that
  • What my daughter learning to drive has to do with trust – and why it can help you see where you are already trusting beautifully
  • Where trusting others to do what they promise allows us to do more powerful work in the world (and when to not trust others because it gets in the way of our best work)
  • Why being a pilot or co-pilot of your life may not be the only, or even the best, options
  • How trust serves me in making decisions about taking breaks and recalibrating in my business

I hope this episode serves you in releasing and letting go so you can have the spaciousness, confidence and support to do your very best work in our world. 

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