Now for a list with a light touch…
When I’m sad, happy, exhausted, have too much to do… actually, any time – I LOVE to watch movies. They are my balm for the soul and one of my great pleasures, especially these last two years.
It’s impossible to name all of the rom-coms I love to watch, though I can definitely share 10 of them!


Here goes:

1. The Proposal – When Ryan Reynolds says to Sandra Bullock, “

Congratulations, I’m 100 years old now.”😂 (updated to remove chanting scene thx to dear friend educating me on cultural appropriation)
2. The Holiday – This movie makes me want to tuck away in a cute stone cottage in Surrey. The fort scene in the daughters' room gets me every time.
3. When Harry Met Sally – “But I’m gonna be 40?!!,” cries Meg Ryan. “When?!,” asks Billy Crystal, perplexed. “SOMEDAY!!,” Meg cries louder. #TheBest
4. Nappily Ever After – When Sanaa Lathan shaves off her hair – and then the freedom and joy she brings to her life afterward 😍
5. The Big Sick – Funny + heartbreaking. The cultural elements. The levity they bring to heavy topics, then the deep love.
6. The Mirror Has Two Faces – The scene where Barbra Streisand is lecturing her college students on why people want to fall in love was a staple in my college teaching curriculum. Also, the story breaks and heals my heart every time.
7. Love, Simon – The window into high school life, the fear of being “found out.” Rooting wholeheartedly for Simon to finally experience the kind of love he deserves.
8. Always Be My Maybe – So funny and sweet. Fabulous awkward scenes. The kind of love story that makes you smile for days.
9. Something’s Gotta Give – Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, need I say more? The story: dating the daughter first? Hmmm. Plus, he’s so unlikable – then he’s so loveable.
10. Bridget Jones’ Diary – Cry my eyes out laughing, so much resonance. I was shaking in bed from trying to hold in my laughter without waking my partner.
Now, I want to hear your favorite romantic comedies please! (We’ll do other movie categories on other days).
Oat milk latte and remote in my hand, ready to watch your recommendations!