Since I’m a speaking coach, you might imagine I watch zillions of TED talks just for fun.
Now that you’re really getting to know me, though, you know that I’ll often choose a rom-com first.
That said, I do love a captivating, engaging TED talk now and then. And I supposed I’ve watched far more than my share.
I thought I'd share a sampling of TED Talks that I really enjoy. These aren’t meant to be my favorites, just the ones that come to me this Saturday night as I miss the deadline for sharing my list today. None of these are talks I coached, in case you wonder. Those are brilliant, too – maybe another list.


1. What Young Women Believe About Their Own Sexual Pleasure – Peggy Orenstein. This talk is my current favorite message. Please watch and share with the entire world.
2. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm – Mary Roach. Super fascinating facts that I really didn’t know. Mary is funny, too.
3. How Porn Changes the Way Teens Think About Sex – Emily Rothman. I am fascinated by what our teens and young adults have to navigate with access to so much confusing visual content, especially sex and relationship.
4. A Queer Vision of Love and Marriage – Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan. A beautiful collaborative talk with love beaming through powerful storytelling and sharing.
5. How to Raise Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting – Julie Lythcott Haims. The school/college/raising kids well thing feels like such a mystery at times. So good.
6. An App That Helps Incarcerated People Stay Connected to Their Families – Marcus Bullock. I love the shining star his mom is throughout his story and experience.
7. The Coming Out Beauty 419 sq ft. – Muslim Sahib. Funny and sweet performance poetry.
8. Doodlers, Unite! – Sunni Brown. Honestly, I love her Ignite talk version of this even better, but the info and her delivery is fun!
9. I’m Not Your Inspiration Thank You Very Much – Stella Young.Great use of repetition and funny lists of examples.
10. My Road Trip Through the Whitest Towns In America – Rich Benjamin. He brings levity to a powerful and important content. He crashed the Arian Nation conference.
Now you: 🎤 What are some TED talks you enjoy?