To be honest, friends, I’m writing this list mostly because I’m hoping you’ll share with me what you do for fun.
I had to ask my husband and my daughters to remind me what I like to do for fun 🤔
Instead of feeling like a boring loser, let’s call this a refresher.
Here goes…


1. Play with our puppy, Luna. Toss, toy chase, peek-a-boo (I might like this game more than she does.) I cry laughing with her.
2. Coffee with a friend. Rich conversation and roasty coffee, two of my most favorite things.
3. Board games with family. My favorite is Scattergories – and I LOVE a game of Pictionary with large whiteboards and teams of friends.
4. Dance. I love to dance. I’m not a great dancer and am terrible at following someone else’s choreography, but I do get into it with my own unique moves, for better or worse. It’s been too long since I’ve done this one.
5. Experience a folksy band playing live music in a small venue. I love to get up close and watch the singer sing. The facial expressions, the way they shape their mouth to create a particular sound. It all amazes me. (Plus, we dance.)
6. Watch my daughters do their sport/thing. Leaping across the stage into an impossible backbend twirl. Flipping freakishly high in the air over uneven bars and sticking the landing. Kicking the ball down the field. Having never done these kinds of things myself as a kid, I wonder what it would feel like to be so freaking confident, strong and assured in your body. I love that they know.
7. Bake. Cookies, fancy decorated cupcakes – I used to make the most fabulous cheesecake and carrot cake. I’m putting this back on my current fun list!
8. Hear people tell real stories about their lives. I love The Moth, story-based TED talks, memoirs – I want all the juicy details. (I'm in the right line of work, right? 😊)
9. Watch movies. You saw my earlier rom-com list, right? Now I have so many added to it after the comments grew and grew.
10. Warm ocean swimming. I invented this move called Dead Fish on our last Kauai trip, which mostly involves letting the waves flop you around then crash your body onto the shore. It’s way more fun than it sounds.
Now you: I can’t wait to hear what you like to do for fun so I can expand my own list!