Today is not my best day. I woke up feeling tired, congested and emotionally off.

Once upon a time, I would have spent the entire day trying to figure out what was wrong with me and then FIX it.

Now I know that some days are just like this, and the feelings will pass.

Today seemed like a good day to share…

**10 Things I Do When I’m Feeling Off or Down**

1. Watch a romantic comedy. Favorites: The Proposal, The Holiday, Always Be My Maybe, Notting Hill.

2. Pet my dogs. If I can rally it, I’ll take one for a walk but usually I’d rather walk alone when I’m down.

3. Leave Whatsapp or Voxer messages for my dear friends. I’m so freaking lucky to have a very small number of really loving and supportive friends who are game to listen to my ramblings. I feel way less alone, and that's magic. Using audio apps allows us to skip the struggle of finding time on our calendars to connect.

4. Bake cookies. I baked often with my mom when I was little and memorized the recipe by 7 years old. So, baking brings back that feeling of simple, easy, warm goodness. Plus, yum.

5. Stare out the window. Usually I have coffee, if I have enough energy to get it. No music, no thinking.

6. Walk in nature, or my neighborhood. Sometimes I’ll drive somewhere pretty. The key for me is to not try to solve anything or fix it. Just walk and let time and feelings pass.

7. Remind myself that feelings are fluid, always in motion. I spent most of my life strategizing my way out of bad feelings. Spoiler alert: it didn’t really work and it was exhausting.

8. Talk to and hang out with Jim. Bless his soul, my husband is so loving and game to do whatever he can to help.

9. Snack. See #4. And also, lots of popcorn. I love the crunch of popcorn when I’m upset, agitated or feeling down (and actually all the time). I also drive through Starbucks for an oat milk latte. It’s my comfort drink.

10. Go for a drive. I used to drive and smoke cigarettes in my 20s. Now, I just drive and sometimes talk out loud in the car.

I’d love to know, if you are willing to share: What do you do when you are feeling off or down?