I do not take for granted the deep skill that I’ve gathered over the last two decades, first as a college instructor in communications and then as a speaking coach. It’s a unique skill that feels amazing to share with people who have things they really want to say in this lifetime.

That said, during client sessions, when I’m interviewed on podcasts or training for companies, I find myself focusing way more on the way to *SEE* their ideas and ability to trust themselves in sharing what they are called to share.

Of course, at times, I suggest that clients go a different direction than they were thinking… and I’m often teaching the step-by-step process for crafting talks, webinars, sharing their message…

Yet, that’s a much smaller part than the way they hold their beautiful message within themselves and then feel the freedom to share it with authenticity.


Here are 10 things I find myself saying on most days at work:

1. What do you want to shout from the rooftop?
2. Who does your heart most want to serve with this message?
3. What is your goal for speaking/doing this podcast/creating this webinar/writing this book?
4. Do you realize that you really can do anything you want?
5. I have no idea if that will work – only one way to find out!
6. I love that idea! Do it!
7. That sounds awesome – say it. Get out there and learn as you go – it’s really the only way.
8. It’s way more important that you feel connected to what you are saying than that you say it perfectly.
9. What does your Ideal Audience Member want/wish for most?
10. You were made for this.

What about you? Do you have things you find yourself saying often at work or home? I’d love to hear them!