I'm incessantly curious and love hearing about the ordinary, day-to-day things in people’s lives. Think of all the solutions we've found for daily needs!

So, for today’s list, I thought I’d dive into some daily products I use and really appreciate.

I want to hear about your favorite daily things too!

**10 Products I Use and Appreciate (Pretty Much) Every Day**

1. Nicasio Coffee. I drink more cups of coffee in a day than I’m willing to admit (maybe 6? I admitted it) but it can upset my stomach. I have this coffee shipped cross country in 5lb bags on repeat.
2. Annmarie Organic Anti-Aging Facial Oil. I'm still aging but I love the smell and feel of this oil.
3. Oatly. The creamiest, most yummy. When I don’t drive through for an oat milk latte, I make one at home.
4. Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine in Royal Champagne. This was a ridiculous splurge when moved. I love looking at it almost as much as I love using it.
5. Peepers reading glasses. I miss being able to read without glasses. Alas. Peepers has designs I like plus blue light filtering for computer protection.
6. Nag Champa candle from Burnsville Candle Co. It’s hard to find good, long-burning candles made with essential oils. This is a fabulous one.
7. Spanx Undie-tectable Hi-Hipster undies. Comfortable and pretty-ish. (As in list #1 I have trouble finding comfortable underwear – these are the best so far.)
8. Teva Arrowood Trail Shoes. After over a year working from home in slippers 24/7, my feet are kind of messed up. Is it just me? These shoes are a little bit of style (by my standards anyway) and really comfy.
9. Fineline pens in lots of different colors. I love bright colors. Bright post-it notes, colorful folders, boldly designed notebooks… these are meaningful delights in my workday. I almost always have nearby a set of 18 colored fineliner pens (iBayam and Staedtler are brands I like).
10. Charlie Banana washable pads. We need to talk more about periods and period products. These wash really well and are really comfortable.
What are some of your favorite daily things?