**10 THINGS I’D LIKE TO TELL MY YOUNGER SELF (and have her believe me)**

This one was harder than I expected. I have more to say.
1. You're fun to be around. Don't be so diligent and good. Get in trouble and follow those creative ideas you keep tucking away.
2. Don’t believe those shit math grades. You were brilliant at math before the patriarchal school system wrecked it. Let's see what badass mathy things you might do.
3. Wear the fancy outfits – the bold colorful ones you love. The rules about what your “kind of body” should wear are bullshit.
4. Kiss the girl (with permission). It’s totally cool and normal to have those exciting feelings for anyone of any gender.
5. Get to know your body really well. Dance, play, learn what feels good living inside your body. This creates a more satisfying and wonderful relationship with yourself, friends and sexual partners.
6. Flip them off (or walk away) when they tell you you’re too much. You’ve got big emotions, a raucous laugh and important (and not so important) things to say. Their opinions are irrelevant to your best life.
7. Being cool isn’t as great as it seems. Be open to friendship, dating and marrying the less “super cool” people – this pays off beautifully, both ways.
8. Let your heart break whenever it needs to. You can’t experience deeply connected love and passion while protecting yourself from heartbreak. You'll likely make some mistakes here but it will be worth the deep love part. This applies to friendship, romance, social justice – many areas.
9. Be the one to text or call first, even when it was their “fault.” If you’re being mistreated, this doesn't apply. We are imperfect humans. Tap into the love part and be willing to move past the rest.
10. Do whatever it takes to forgive yourself. That time you cheated on the test, or the boyfriend. The way you treated your body (especially in high school). When you were the jerk or the “worst friend ever.” Even when it seems unforgivable, find the support you need to forgive yourself. Then, forgive everyone else if you can (again, with support).
✨ What would you tell your younger self?