I’m thinking about social justice – things I’ve learned and want to learn more.


Here are 10 of these things…
1. It’s impossible for me to really “get it” when it’s not my lived experience. I can watch movies and read books, but I’ll never know what it’s like to walk around in this world as anything but a cis gendered straight-presenting white woman.
2. Listening to people who experience racism is essential. Seeking out people to follow on social media, paying experts for guidance and broadening my own professional and social circles.
3. Don’t ask people who are experiencing injustice to educate me. It might seem like a good idea to show genuine curiosity and desire to learn, but it’s added burden. I’m grateful for those who taught me this.
4. There are brilliant resources (books, movies) to help keep me on track when I falter. They aren’t everything, but they do help.
5. Talking with my white friends who are committed to social justice is helpful. I am grateful for those who've done deep work who are a caring resource when I'm writing or speaking so I can be the best ally possible.
6. I’m going to do it wrong. It’s not about me anyway. The whole white fragility concept has been eye-opening. Yea, I feel afraid of making a mistake but I’ll get over it.
7. There are many ways to be active in social justice. Phone calls, social media, buying from Black and POC businesses, marching… I will keep finding ways to do more sustainably.
8. I’m not a social justice expert. Sometimes I get stuck thinking I have to be an expert to do something meaningful. It’s not true, of course.
9. Pay the gifted experts to learn from them. From ways I was making my work less welcoming to BIPOC to how I can take a stand on issues that matter, I would never have seen what I learned without their guidance.
10. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will always be at the top of gifted speakers of all time. His example of beautiful, powerful, high-impact speaking overfills my heart every single time I hear his speeches.
We are blessed by his work forever.