So many things in this bananas human adventure are freaking hilarious!

I'm in tears laughing about all of it – especially the stuff where we make embarrassing mistakes, which I do pretty much every day.


Here are some things that make me LOL my heart out:

1. When someone falls. Not slapstick – that's not funny. They have to fall on accident and I will lose my entire mind trying not to ROFLOL.

2. Verbal mistakes. Like when someone (Jim) is leaving me an audio message and he says “exclamation point” because he forgot he’s not dictating a text. CRY MY EYES OUT LAUGHING.

3. Vivid storytelling where I can see the scene in technicolor and my mind keeps playing it over and over again (honestly, often it’s a scene of someone falling).

4. New Girl. Deadpan reaction to ridiculous human interactions. Their insecurities and uncertainties resonate so hilariously.

5. When someone is trying really hard to do something and it’s not working. Squeezing into an impossibly small space to turn the handle on something just out of reach, trying and trying. The flashlight I'm holding is flickering everywhere because I'm shaking laughing. (I’m a terrible person.)

6. Pictionary on whiteboards. Incomprehensible pictures drawn really fast. Pointing ineffectively at the picture with urgency.

7. Speaking of Pictionary, the “Baby Fish Mouth” scene in When Harry Met Sally makes me laugh until I cry pretty much every time.

8. When young kids accidentally say a swear word and don’t realize it. “Let’s try, Duck! Duck, duck bo buck, banana fana fo…. “ C’mon, it’s SO FUNNY, right?!

9. Comedy sports. E.g. Whose Line Is It Anyway. One person puts their hand behind their back and another person weaves their hands through and then gestures for the first person while they tell a story – or feeds them a handful of whipped cream.

10. JIM. Every day. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for the hilarity: dance, contort his face, leap across the room. This is my favorite thing about him, above all the many things I love.

What about you? What makes you ROFLOL?