Humans have about 6,200 thoughts per day, according to new research. That’s a lot of thoughts.
In my experience, a whole lot of those thoughts are the SAME ones.
A lot of these repeat thoughts aren’t really that great. Why do we keep playing them? (I know, but still.)
I'm so fascinated by these repetitive thoughts, I thought we could compare! Maybe you have similar ones?

**10 Thoughts That Run Through My Mind Most Days**

1. You’ve GOT to get going earlier! Getting ready for the day and when I'm trying to leave the office at the end of the day – according to my brain, I'm always taking longer than I should.
2. I hate every piece of clothing I own. It’s an exaggeration but, but it feels so damn TRUE.
3. How did I get so freaking lucky? Usually with good feelings, but sometimes charged with “I don’t deserve this” energy.
4. There has to be an easier/better way! From our morning routine to figuring out dinner and house stuff to other people’s stuff.
5. Who can I hire to help me [do whatever I’m struggling with, usually house related]? I hesitated to include this one because of what I'm afraid you'll think, but I would love to pay people a lot of money to do a bunch of home stuff so I can spend my time doing things I’m better at.
6. UGH – what are we going to do about dinner?! Usually at 5:30 pm, when solving it is even more urgent and stressful.
7. Wow – that is so beautiful! Birds visiting the bird feeder, watching our girls chat with each other, the sun shining through the trees on our street… There is so much overwhelming beauty in this world.
8. Just take a belly breath, Michelle. I'm grateful for the repetitive thought. It's so helpful.
9. Why is this MY job?! ADHD + not naturally organized, but someone has to handle home and work systems. Seems that person is me. I’m bad for the job.
10. Tomorrow, I’m totally… [getting up early, taking a long walk during lunch, planning my day before it begins, training the puppy…] If I actually did all of the things I am so certain I’ll do tomorrow I’d be such a badass in every way. But I swear, today it all feels so possible… tomorrow.
👀Now you: What thought(s) are on repeat in your mind?