Best of 2020 Podcast—Part 1: Clarity, Speaking Anxiety & Transformation

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As we round out this year filled with the unexpected, it’s fascinating to notice which of the Brilliance at Work podcast episodes were the biggest hit with our listening audience and earned a spot on our Best of 2020 list.

The answer won’t surprise you, I’m sure. We’ve all been desperately seeking clarity, balm for our anxiety and the beloved experience of transforming into something better (not a high bar for that this year).

Since these were the biggest hits of the year (Part 1 — we’ll share more next week!), it seems like a great time to revisit these episodes. As you take them in from where you are now, what you hear will most certainly touch you differently than when you first heard them. These episodes were created to age very well and serve at every level.

A link and quick summary for each of the Best of 2020 podcasts is below:

♡ Ep #84: Information Does NOT Create Transformation

As we look at ways to curb our information intake in this time of intense media, I think this one is more clearly true to us than ever before. What’s most valuable in this episode is seeing really clearly for yourself what actually does create transformation.

♡ Ep #83 What's Bigger Than Anxiety

If you’ve ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack, the title of this episode might sound impossible to you. It’s an overpowering, all-encompassing feeling. And, yet…there really IS something so much bigger than anxiety. And when you make this connection in your own heart and soul, you’ll never worry about anxiety in the same way again.

♡ Ep #89 Your Crystal Clear Message Will Keep You Grounded

Clarity is magic — on so many levels. This episode is designed to help you find message clarity in a way that is lasting and true for you.

♡ Ep #87 What to do When You Don't Know What to Do in Your Business with Barb Patterson

This is one of my very favorite interviews. Barb Patterson is my coach and mentor for all things business freedom. What she shares in this episode is a conversation that profoundly changed my life and business for the better.

Queue these episodes up for your next walk or drive and let them serve you and your beautiful work in the world. I’ll be back next week with Part 2 of the Best of 2020 Brilliance at Work podcast episodes!


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