Connecting with your Ideal Audience Member – a fun and useful exercise

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The most powerful thing we do as speakers and thought leaders is get intimately connected with our ideal audience members.

It is only from this place that we can touch their hearts and minds in ways that cut through resistance, distraction and all of the other things in the way of us serving them deeply.

Yet, this rich connection can be elusive.

We’ve all done the “ideal client exercise” with a series of questions that help us describe and touch into the problems our ideal clients experience. These same questions are what many speakers and thought leaders use to prepare for crafting their talks. They are useful exercises to be sure – much better than not doing them.

In my experience working with many experts who have been in business a long time though, these exercises seem to fall short when it comes time to deeply connect with the audience. They are closer, but still just a bit too distant.

I created the Drawthinking Your Ideal Audience Member exercise because I was looking for an even better way to intimately connect with ideal audience members.

It’s based on some pretty compelling research on the power of visuals for memory and engagement plus fascinating research on the impact of drawing on our own processing of information.

Plus, it’s so fun!

So grab a big piece of paper (or whatever blank paper you have nearby) and some colorful markers! In this video I share with you how to draw your ideal audience member in a way that will lead you into beautiful connection so you can craft a talk that lights her or him up!

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Highlights Covered in This Video:

  • Clear and compelling evidence that being a skilled artist is totally unnecessary for purposeful drawing (via my own – ahem, less than skilled drawing)
  • How to get connected with your ideal audience member by drawing them in the context of their lives
  • Why her or his clothing and surroundings matter as part of understanding your ideal audience member
  • The most valuable part of this drawthinking exercise that will serve you in so many of your speaking and business growth goals

Michelle Barry Franco has been speaking publicly for more than 30 years and has helped over a thousand people, including C-suite leaders, award-winning company founders and best-selling authors, be successful in one of the bravest choices of their lives: sharing their truthful narratives for the benefit of others.