Ep #63: How to Deliver an Awesome Webinar

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You've heard you should do webinars. You've heard that video is the new black… or whatever. That you really must move past your fears of being on camera so you can reach your audience, bring in more clients and otherwise join the 21st century.

And I'm here to tell you, yep. Video is awesome, and webinars are a brilliant way to serve your audience in a much bigger way. (So basically, I'm agreeing with all you've heard.)

But here's what a lot of the advice out there about webinars and other online platforms misses the most important part.

They tend to focus on slide design and the structure of the webinar. These are super useful, of course. But if you're not creating webinars because you're nervous about showing up on video, worried about the technology, afraid your slides won't be good enough… then you and your beautiful potential audience are missing out.

Because we know you have something meaningful and life-changing to share.

And you definitely don't have to have a perfect structure and amazing slide design to serve your audience with your message.

On the contrary, you and your message, connected heart and soul with your audience, are where all the magic begins.

This week's podcast is all about how to create a webinar with your audience at heart and connection at the center.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What goes into making a successful and natural webinar.
  • How to connect with the audience in virtual environments and gain their trust.
  • A structure for your webinar that will convey your message most effectively. (Hold this lightly, it's about connection first!)
  • Essentials of great speaking delivery to keep in mind when recording a webinar.
  • How to use your webinar as both a connection tool and a business growth strategy.

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