There is no more powerful way to change a lot of lives at once than authentic, powerful speaking. High-profile speaking is also a beautiful opportunity to practice full presence and deeply real expression. In this episode we talk about Surrendered Speaking and the value of committed and thorough prep and then fully letting go on stage, whether the stage is virtual or in-person. 

We also cover the steps to Unleashed High Profile Speaking:

  • CELEBRATE the opportunity!! Enjoy imagining yourself killing it on that stage! Soak up the excitement and possibilities! 
  • Craft an excellent talk, of course. Audience intimacy, very clear juicy core message, use the magic mix of content, have a compelling call to action that meets your goals as well as theirs – all stuff I talk about in another episode I’ll share in show notes. 
  • Prepare like wild! Keep on. In the shower, on walks, everywhere… 
  • Show up and serve.  Surrender on that stage. Bring your full magical presence and trust yourself to give them the best experience possible for you and them on that day. 
  • Talk about your talk everywhere. Show your process while you do it. Put it into a blog post and add it to your speaker page. 

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