This past week, I had yet another conversation with a brilliant client who is concerned they aren’t expert enough to take a stand for their ideas. I am so committed to blowing up this idea into oblivion because it keeps so many brilliant people quiet!

And here’s the thing, it’s not like I don’t get it. Ohhhh do I get it. I spent six years staying quiet and small in my work because deep down, I didn’t believe I was good enough to take a stand for my message.

In this episode, I broaden the conceptual idea of speaking by offering up different kinds of speakers and their talks. I came up with 4 so far, but I know there are more… and they definitely aren’t mutually exclusive.

You’ll hear about:

  • What makes an “expert” speaker and examples of well known speakers in this category.
  • How to be a “Disruptor” in your speaking and two awesome examples of speakers who tend toward this kind of talk.
  • The kind of talk that doesn’t button everything up at the end and instead inspires you to think and question the status quo.
  • Ways that talents like music and magic tricks enhance particular types of talks and when these kinds of speakers are often brought in to speak.
  • My secret bucket list dream

I hope this episode inspires you to get out there with great excitement and confidence, knowing there are many powerful ways to serve an audience.

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