Whether you work at an organization and need to do regular presentations as part of your job or you are a thought leader crafting TEDx talks and keynote speeches, the struggle is often similar: how do you get people to pay attention and then take action on your ideas? 

You might wonder:

How do I say it in a way that makes them care?

Why is it so hard to get their attention?

My topic is inherently boring – there’s no way to make them care or pay attention!

Well, the answer to these questions is also the answer to so many other questions about how to get what you really want. In this case, you want the attention and action of your audience. Another time, you may want to persuade your teen to clean up around the house or convince your partner to give you a back rub or get your parent to go to the doctor. 

This episode is dedicated to helping you get what you want, whatever that is. I know you will use this for good in our world, so I feel excited to share this powerful information with you.

In this episode, I share:

  • Why knowing what you want might be the hardest part of getting what you want
  • Where fear of rejection blocks you and what to do about it
  • How finding my dream house taught me about clarity and conviction
  • What being unapologetic has to do with influence
  • More

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