The vision and dream of being a paid speaker is an exciting one. If you see yourself on a stage, inspiring and serving audiences all over the country or world, you are not alone – and it’s SO possible for you!

But, it’s not the only way to be a paid speaker. 

In this episode, Michelle shares the glory and not so glorious aspects of being a paid speaker, especially when there is travel involved. While travel can be time consuming and full of frustrations at times, it’s also a beautiful benefit of in-person paid speaking. 

That said, having a broader view of how to get paid to speak as well as ways to speak will serve your speaking and thought leadership well. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • A day in the #speakerlife from Michelle’s recent paid speaking event
  • Ways to broaden your idea of paid speaking
  • Forms of compensation that are valuable, even when no money is exchanged
  • The benefits of virtual speaking in this new era of online work and connection

A bit of perspective, a bit of encouragement and some inspiration mixed into one episode. We hope you love it. 

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