Some of us are called to share our stories, lessons learned and expertise in service of others. We feel this call at the center of us. It starts as a glimmer. If we choose to nurture this glimmer into a spark, we can stoke that spark all the way into being a recognized leader in our industry through keynote speaking, TEDx talks, writing books, and just showing up to serve with our voice.

After working with well over 1,000 speakers and leaders, the path to this kind of Radiant Leadership has become powerfully clear. There are five phases, each with their own characteristics, milestones and activities. Knowing where you fall on this path will help you step more fully and easily into the most natural success on your thought leadership journey.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize the glimmer that starts the whole journey – and how it feeds the entire five phase path.
  • Ways to recognize when you’ve hit the “discernment” phase, when it is more valuable to think about what to say “no” to than to look for new opportunities to open up. 
  • Stories of thought leaders who’ve ridden the entire journey from glimmer to Radiant Leadership, and what they’re doing now. 
  • Milestones to look for to know your priorities should be shifting as you move into greater recognition as a leader. 
  • The power of support at different phases of the journey, and what kind to look for when.  

Listen in to this episode and see if you can name which phase you are in on the Path to Radiant Leadership. This will help you focus in on what matters most at this phase to keep your momentum going with more ease and success. 

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