An essential element of becoming unleashed is knowing that we are leashed up in the first place. In this rich, engaging conversation with Dr. Sweta Chawla, we get to hear her story of going from a traditional, academic, high-achieving background to where she is today, living and working in her brilliance. 

Going from Pharmacist and professor to Leadership Coach helping leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals step into their own Natural Leadership (in the work and their life) was not a straight line, of course. But has been and continues to be one full of learning, growth and many tools to share. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What inspired Dr. Sweta’s sabbatical from academia all those years ago – and the fascinating shifts that space and time inspired in her life and career.
  • How curiosity and experimentation has served her work personally and for her client in important ways.
  • The interplay of identity and personal and professional growth
  • How to think about creating your own trajectory for your life and work


Sweta Chawla PharmD, MS is a Former Professor of Pharmacy and Clinical and Residency Director turned Speaker, Facilitator, Leadership Coach and Author. She supports organizations, highly driven professionals, budding creatives and entrepreneurs to reinvent how they work and lead. Through her natural leadership model, she empowers her clients to create personal structures that leverage their natural brilliance. As a result they experience more passion, impact and meaning without compromising their integrity and well-being.

Dr. Sweta is the author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…Now What? and contributor to the award-winning Anthology She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On. She has published articles and essays in several journals, magazines and has spoken on many stages and panels, including the White House.

You can get a free copy of Dr. Sweta’s book plus the cool CASA tool she describes in this episode (and other surprise goodies!) at Dr.SwetaChawla.com/Unleashed