Our brain loves to tell us that we have to get it “right.” We can spend many hours, days, weeks overthinking our next moves: 

  • Naming your business
  • How to title your upcoming keynote speech
  • Where to tell a story in our presentation or book
  • If it’s okay to take a retreat while your partner takes care of home and kids or pets or other things
  • You name it! 

We get caught up in over-thinking because our brain is telling us we’re not safe if we get it wrong.That we will waste time or money or the attention of people who trust us. 

I love reminding you that you are MADE for the whole of what you want. You can handle the fun and excitement of it, the possible “failure,” the uncertainty, the unknown… you are literally built for all of it!

Knowing this allows you to truly show up in the big, beautiful way you are meant to. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • The way that you have complete access and fullness of infinite potential
  • Why it’s safe to go after what you want
  • How to access knowing what you want
  • Ways to explore what you want
  • What it feels like physically (and how to create your own body compass on desire)

I know that when you go for what you really want, our whole world is served by it.  

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