There are fundamental messages that I see as the most helpful ones to reveal the most authentic, powerful speaking and thought leadership in my clients. 

I’ve found that great speaking is way less about how to craft a great talk following someone’s formula, how to tell a story with jaw-dropping vivid action (though that can be awesome), or how to deliver your keynote or TEDx talk with perfect hand gestures and movement on stage – and so much more about releasing everything in the way of doing what you naturally know how to do in your speaking and expression. 

I used to think of my job as a speaking coach as the expert who tells my clients how to craft a talk – that my expertise should be the most important part of crafting the speech (after all, that’s why they hired me). 

Now I know that it’s your intuition, your desired message, your inspired ideas that are most valuable in our process. It’s my job to help reveal those from within you. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why my being a speaking coach was as much a surprise to me as anyone
  • What I see as the most important thing to know about your message
  • How to think about your Ideal Audience Member
  • The difference between Ideal Audience Member and Ideal Client Avatar
  • The important role experimentation plays in speaking, messaging and thought leadership 

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