You walk around this world with so many stories, ideas, brilliant ways of expressing what you have to say… and sometimes it can be hard to access all of that great content. 

We’ve all had the experience of sitting at our computer screen, staring at a blank page – or stuck mid sentence on an idea that just won’t flow all the way through. 

This is when a walk and talk can be magic! In this episode I share with you ways I’ve used a Walk and Talk and simple steps so you can start doing walk and talks in your own work and life. 

In this episode, you’ll find:

  • Why walking helps us release ideas when thinking harder simply can’t  
  • What’s really creating the spaciousness in our minds and hearts when we walk with our ideas
  • How do interview yourself during a walk and talk so you reveal some of your best ideas and stories
  • How to use prompts to get your ideas flowing on telling your own story of transformation. 

I hope this episode inspires you to grab your shoes, headphones and recording device (phone, likely) and hit the trails, streets or wherever you can walk freely and safely to enjoy your own brilliance. 

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