Whether you are standing in front of an audience or trying to navigate the grocery store, you are going to deal with people who aren’t happy. Sometimes these people will be mean. They will say things and do things that are unkind, unfair and not generous. 

Especially when it’s your job to care for an audience, or handle a meeting – or teach your kids how to handle hard situations, you want to handle these people who are being mean in a way that causes the least harm to everyone involved as well as helps you meet your goals for the exchange. 

In this episode, you’ll find:

  • A simple process for approaching a person who is being mean
  • How to decide when to work on the relationship and when to just let it go
  • The ways your goals will change your approach to people who are being mean
  • When understanding is essential to moving through an interaction 
  • How to decide when to engage and when to leave

I hope this episode helps you feel more confident when you are interacting with someone who is acting mean. I want you to feel totally empowered to show up and shine in any context – and this one will come up! 

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