You know that jaw-dropping feeling when you watch a musician hit those impossible notes, or play that unbelievably complex piano piece… that sense that something even bigger and more magical than practice and great training is at play. 

This is when we use words like: “born for this” “they’re a natural” “supernatural” to describe what we are experiencing. 

Very often what we’re experiencing is mastery – the magic of mastery. 

Mastery is when a person has honed, practiced, iterated, tried again and again… failed, picked back up, tried harder and then tried something new. When they’ve put in the time, energy and emotional investment to move through the learning curve, come out the other side then go on a journey of their own.

Mastery is when we go beyond competence, move through expertise and enter into the beauty and unexpected experience of artistry. 

Understanding mastery makes us better speakers, facilitators, and leaders. Knowing when we are sharing from our own mastery – and how to build a bridge for others who don’t have mastery in that area..means we create experiences that will best support those we want to serve. 

Celebrating the mastery in others allows us to enjoy their contributions in a much more exciting way. It also guides us in choosing the best collaborators based on the interplay of our skills, competence, mastery and artistic approach. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to recognize when you are in the presence of mastery
  • Ways to appreciate mastery in others – and how to know when you need more guidance to make the most of it
  • What mastery feels like inside ourselves – and how to celebrate it and keep it thriving
  • Why having mastery can actually cause us to give unhelpful advice or support – and how to realize when this is happening so we can serve better

I hope you enjoy this episode. It’s a topic that can make you even better in your ability to impact and serve in our world. 


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