Ep #99: Everyday Magic for Releasing Fear with Sara Walka

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We can either allow ourselves to be paralyzed by our fear or we can listen to that inner voice. The one that has the answers and knows everything is going to be okay. Maybe even better than okay. Nothing helps us begin releasing fear quite like our ability to enjoy everyday magic, the focus of this episode.

Sara Walka is on a mission to help women connect with and trust that voice that is our deepest intuition. As the founder of The Sisters Enchanted, her courses and programs lead women to lean into their intuition, conjure joy, and create a fun, purposeful, and spacious life.

In this episode, Sara will share her story from corporate candy sales to witchy entrepreneur. By tapping into her own inner freedom, she has created a wonderful community, a successful online business and helped thousands of women live the life they really want to live—infused with the magic available to all of us.

About Sara Walka:

Sara Walka is the Founder of The Sisters Enchanted. Since 2016, she has helped thousands of women lean into their intuition, conjure joy, and make everyday magic. Sara believes that a little bit of enchantment, wonder, and mysticism goes a long way in creating a life that feels fun, purposeful, and spacious.

What You’ll Learn from this “Releasing Fear” Episode:

  • The value of seeing the magic and sense of possibility in the mundane of our everyday lives
  • To accept when everything's not okay and integrate what you're learning into your life
  • How to tap into your inner freedom and create a fun and purposeful life
  • Being the beacon for your own life
  • Insight into a successful transition from unfulfilling job into an authentic calling
  • Trusting your intuition so you can begin releasing fear
  • A little bit about Holistic Witchery, tarot and astrology

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