Guest Post on Speaking Artistry at Stephanie Pollock Inc.

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I wrote an article as a guest writer for business coach amazingness, Stephanie Pollock, which you can read on her blog today. If you've wondered about my eBook, Soul Power to Your Message, this article is a good taste of what you'll find in that program. This post has a really good intro to my Expression Elan process (which my clients absolutely LOVE.) Also, it's a good reminder to get your copy of Soul Power to Your Message now because it will go into (re)writing retreat in **10 Days** (April 15th), emerging as a fuller, my Why-full version – with a price tag.

Go here to read the Speaking Artistry post on Stephanie Pollock's blog.

Enjoy the post. And please, share the results of your preliminary Expression Elan process (as described in the post) in the comments. I'd love to help you refine your three words, if it would serve you and your message!