How Radical Clarity Screwed Up My Business

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You've heard me talk about Radical Clarity before – how it's really amazing and necessary and oh so elusive (and I thought I knew about it then – ha!) Radical Clarity is really the only way we can make something amazing happen in our lives.

Now, I'm going to tell you how Radical Clarity screwed up my business.

See, I've been hard at work on my website and in my speaking life – for about two years – spreading the word about my presentation skills coaching and consulting. It worked, too. I got speaking gigs, got clients from those gigs, and became generally known as a presentation skills expert. I even had a client hire me within hours of watching her first YouTube video of me on presentation skills. All that work… worked!

Except it didn't feel right.

Damn intuition. Damn gut feeling. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I have this coach who is awesome. She listens, she asks razor sharp questions and reflects stuff back to me way more eloquently than I know how to say it. And every time we would talk about my business, she'd keep saying all this stuff  back to me (that I was saying!) about the real message I wanted to share, the real work I wanted to do in the world.

How many times can you hear yourself say, so freaking eloquently, that you've got other work to do in the world than the work that you are doing – before you take real action. Especially if you are committed to authentic communication – authentic living – like I am?

Well, I never counted, but it's something like 127 times. And then you just realize it's never going away. You must go forth with the real work of your life.

I love presentation skills coaching and I plan to help as many people as possible get way more exciting and clear when they present to groups. That is not going away.

But, for me, the real message is this:

You can craft your life. The whole entire one you dream of. And then you can make it happen.

I've done it. I've helped my clients do it, even when we were starting out with the specific plan to work on presentation skills, we'd often end up working on the whole picture – the business, the life, the dream. I love helping people craft the uncharted path to their intentionally designed life.

I have never been more clear about anything in my life. This is the kind of Radical Clarity that makes me absolutely certain that I married the right man, that I would jump in front of a train for my kids, that I would never go on The Bachelor (even if I looked remotely like one of the long-legged, lithe, bathing-suit clad contestants.)

Messages evolve – and this one likely will, too – but I am so thrilled that I revealed the REAL message I've been looking for during many hours over the last three years.

I highly recommend letting Radical Clarity screw up your business anytime.

I've already had plenty of evidence that I'm moving in the right direction (like being called by our local newspaper literally days after my clarity shift to do a story on our family's approach to parenting, work and home life.)

What about you? Had any Radical Clarity shifts lately that rocked your whole world? Or maybe just caused some ripples? I'd love to hear about 'em.