Ep #86: How to Build Your Business When You’re Stuck at Home

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With this new normal were experiencing in the world today, did you know that it is possible to still help people solve real problems from our homes under these conditions?

And, did you know that even with COVID-19 impacting every aspect of our world right now, it is still possible to build your business and thrive?

Whatever your business model was before COVID-19, there is a way to build an online component to your business. One that will help you serve your clients during this very strange time of physical distancing and one that could add a whole new valuable revenue stream to your business beyond this time as well.

In this episode, we're diving into the nitty gritty of how to build your business when you can't leave your house so that you can get to building right away, serve your ideal clients and thrive even in these times of uncertainty.

Tune in below to this week’s Brilliance at Work podcast episode.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to meet your customers needs even in times of uncertainty
  • Discover why thriving in this time of uncertainty means doing things differently than you've done them before
  • Why right now our job is to serve our people, what that looks like and why now is a good time to learn how to do this
  • Why understanding your audience can be the key to your success right now
  • How to serve with your thought leadership even from home
  • How to create the kind of connection that builds trust so that you can serve your ideal clients
  • Why keeping your servant's heart at the forefront with a strong eye on sustainability so that you can keep showing up is more important than ever before

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Full Episode “Build Your Business” Transcript:

Welcome to the Brilliance At Work Podcast where we shine a light on where great work, charisma and leadership that makes a positive difference really comes from, I'm Michelle Barry Franco. I'm an executive coach speaking coach and your honored host and I'm delighted that you're here.

My beautiful brilliant friends. Hello, hello. As I was about to hit record on today's episode, I have a thought. We are becoming pivot masters and it's true. I had all kinds of plans, offerings, podcast episodes, all kinds of stuff mapped out. I mean not perfectly, I'm really not as organized as that makes it sound, but I did have kind of a whole new set of things that I was about to share and for now anyway, I'm not using those. I'm not really using any of them. They just don't feel relevant and as useful right now. It's so funny because just a few weeks ago they felt super relevant and really, really useful. Isn't this a fascinating thing? Our whole perspective? I think that's one of the things we're learning right now or seeing. If you just pull yourself back a little bit, our whole perspective can swirl into an entirely new picture in a matter of days.

What felt so solid and so real, even inevitable in some ways before it turns out it wasn't like it was never that solid even though, dang, if it didn't look that way, right. I'm talking about like where we're headed or what makes sense in your business or the state of our world right now. We see these charts in these graphs and like, Oh, this is what's happening with the economy. We're on this kind of a climb. It's likely to do this in the future based on what we see in the past, but we have so much evidence right now. This is such a wakeup call to the truth that all of that is largely made up now. I'm not saying we don't do it, we do it. We tell stories about it and yet it's so clear that we don't have control over huge variables that can create a giant shift in the way we do things all at once.

You want to know one thing that looks even more real to me now than it did a few days ago. It's something I already knew and thought was true, but this has become even more clear to me, I think to a lot of us online business and the power of having a business online. This, I mean simply moving the center of your business operations and or your marketing to online platforms. This might mean social media, online courses, email marketing. A lot of the things that if you know about all my marketing are naturally associated with an online marketing business. It might also mean just that you're meeting your clients online when you used to meet them in person, like my dear friends who are therapists, this is a big switch for them. They cannot meet their clients inside of a room anymore, so they need to take their therapy sessions online.

It's not what they want to do. It's not what feels natural to them and there's definitely some resistance and some trickiness about it, but they are moving to more of an online business model. I know we're embracing this pivot to varying degrees and with an even more varying amount of enthusiasm, but the truth is there's some really good stuff to see here in this largely necessary pivot. The fact is you can build your business even while you're in isolation, quarantine, house, locked down, whatever the term is in your area, and I'm still trying to figure out what the variations mean. If there is a variation among these different terms, you can still build your business whether you have a current, traditional online business. Can I say those words together? Traditional and online business, the typical online business or if you just need to be moving many of your operations online, your business can grow and even thrive right now.

Whatever your business model was before, there's a way to build an online component to your business, one that will help you during this very strange time of physical distancing, which is what my daughters, Simone has corrected social distancing too. She says, why are we saying social distancing? We're being really social. It's actually physical distancing. She's our literalist, you know, she's always listening to the words that we're using and correcting them. I really like that correction and I think it's good to think about we are being social, we're social creatures, but we are in physical distancing. This online business element could add a whole new valuable revenue stream to your business now, but also beyond this time as well. I know there's some mindset stuff around thriving in your business, growing your business, building your business positive momentum. In a time like this, you're probably, or you may be afraid of selling during a world crisis.

I know people are getting sick, some people are dying and it can hard to think about thriving and really put your mind on how can I build a great business, do even better? Make money when these people are living these horrible existences right now and I think that that line of thinking, if it's happening for you, I know it's not happening for everyone, but if that's coming up in your brain, it makes sense that our brains do that. We are loving kind, giving souls. Not that you're not a loving kind, giving soul if you haven't had that thought, but many of us get a little tripped up, especially if you're in the coaching wellness, personal development world, that kind of thing. There's the struggle with making money and thriving at a time when many people out there in the world are struggling. I mean, honestly, I just had this conversation with my own coach.

This whole I to my brain, even though logically I know that thriving really serves everyone, that when we build businesses that are serving in an even better way, when we can help people solve real problems from our homes under these conditions, under any conditions, our world is a better place. People get served and cared for. My brain still goes to those same places too. I just had a similar conversation with my coach saying, okay, I know all these things logically, but just kind of remind me what you, so it was helpful. Maybe this part of the podcast conversation is just about reminding you of the truth that it is okay to thrive and to think about doing well at a time when there's a lot of hardship going on in the world because we will move through this as a world and as a society we will move through this and serving each other and caring for each other and all the ways that we will is a big part of how we're going to do that.

You probably will approach business differently right now though, right? Thinking about thriving in these times, it's probably going to mean doing things differently than you've done them before. Maybe you'll charge less. I'm not saying you have to for sure, or you'll offer something for free that you previously would have charged for. Again, these are not things, I'm not suggesting these things to you. I'm saying, I've seen that happening and it fills my heart some and probably does yours too, to see that people are offering to serve with abundance. Yeah, you may decide to do business differently, but here's what I want to point you toward. As you make those kinds of decisions, you have wisdom in you underneath all of the thinky stuff about what's right and wrong right now and what a person should or shouldn't do right now. You've got wisdom underneath all that thinking that will guide you.

You can trust that wisdom, that is your divine wisdom that will guide you and how to serve during this time. So keep looking there. Look underneath the thinking, right? It's so easy to look at the thinking and think we have to think new things and try on new thoughts and, but in my experience, you just end up going kind of down these rabbit holes. You get caught up in trying to think the right thought, that'll get you doing the right thing consistently. And then, Oh my thoughts went sideways again. You know what? Underneath all that thinking, that wisdom is always there, gleaming, gleaming. It's beautiful light. And when you know to look there to keep moving your eyes, your focus to that place of wisdom, you can let go of really trying to do much of anything with your actual thinking. You also know that you can only offer so much for free or discounted before you have to quit altogether so that you can actually pay your bills.

I mean, it could be that that's not true for you. If you happen to be independently wealthy or you have some other way of paying your bills and you genuinely don't need to or want to, by the way, you can have plenty of money and still really want to thrive. That too. Totally legit, but the point is, it's just simple math, right? If you give away all of your time and energy, then you can't bring in money with other time and energy that you don't have. I'm just reminding you that just like everyone else, we have bills to pay and we have service we want to provide out there in the world and you're going to be balancing that and you have incredible vibrant wisdom in you right now that will help you navigate those parts of it. Don't minimize the way you serve because your brain is telling you that good people don't charge others.

Right now, your job is to serve and that's going to look a lot of different ways. I can give you two good examples of how this is true from my own life. I just in this past week have purchased two new programs, two learning programs, and they were not trivial in price or time commitment, but I purchased them even in this time of quote unquote uncertainty because they meet a very real need that I have. I'm going to talk a lot more about that and how you meet that kind of a need. These are needs that I have and that I'm really committed to solving and I just, I hadn't seen the solution come across my screen or, or through people that I've met and or I'm not sure. Maybe I had, but I was so busy before. I hadn't quieted down enough to really notice and think about what I needed and wanted.

Then when I was introduced to these two ways of solving the problem, it was such a delightful, easy yes for me. I cannot even tell you in both cases, by the way, there are free resources that can help me solve these problems, but that's not how I want to solve it. I, because of my needs and ways of doing things, I want the full solution with support. The people I purchased these programs from, they get me, they know that their ideal client, this is what they want. They want the full solution. They don't want to have to piece it together. Now that may or may not be what your client wants, but the important thing to note here and we are going to dive into that this as well, is that intimately intimate connection, intimate understanding of your ideal client is how you decide what to offer.

Okay, let's get nitty gritty so you can actually start building your business right away with a lot of these elements that I've been eluding to. Some of you are listening to this and you already do business online. Cool. The value you'll find here is in refinement. In my 12 years working with online businesses and being deeply in the online world, it has become very clear to me why some clients are successful, why some people who are building businesses in the online world are successful and others are less successful. I mean, heck, I spent a solid six years, maybe even a little bit more than that, struggling to make any money online. I mean just, it's amazing that made it through all that. That's the power of being called to serve by the way. That's all that explains it. Then a steady climb from there to where now I feel good about the business that I'm able to build and then knowing how to pivot and all of that online.

I say that because I have been the person who struggled and now, I feel like I'm the person who gets it enough to have built it. A nice, good solid business online that I love running and that works right now too. The thing I want to say about that is I am probably the poster child for, it's never too late. In fact, I might create an online program. I keep thinking I'm going to create an online program called, it's never too late because I swear if I hear one more person, say I struggled for one whole year before I built my multiple six figure business, I'm going to score regime right one year. Like, Oh my gosh, that is nothing. No offense if you've been super successful or to those out there. I have clients who have been and I know that there are people who've done that, but if you have struggled for a long time or you think you've tried the online thing and it didn't work or it doesn't work for you or you hate being online, listen, I have been their sister, brother, friend, colleague, and you can come out the other side.

It is never too late and now really is a good time to learn how to do this and if you're just starting to get serious about this online business idea, maybe you don't have something online already, then I love that you're going to get the most important essentials so that your business has the best chance of success. I can't, I'm so excited to share this with you. Here are the difference makers and I have put it into just three categories and I'm going to talk about each of them in more detail. These are the three things that I see as most important. Of course there are more details within each of these, but if you get these elements right, then the rest of it is really implementation, which we'll talk about in other episodes coming up. But here are the three things. Number one, this is for successful business online.

They successful business owners deeply, intimately understand their audience. Number two, they offer a solution that that audience that they want to serve, that that audience desperately wants. Hear my word wants. Number three, they show up everywhere and or in the right places online as well as other places, but right now we're focusing online, right, and they serve. This last one is about thought leadership as well. We're going to dive into that too. Let's talk about each of these and I'll share some examples with you so you can get a sense of it. You think of this as a series. I didn't really title it a series, but maybe that's what we'll do going forward is I'll dive even deeper on some of the practical application, but you getting these essentials is everything. It is going to orient you in the right direction.

Building your business during this time of great uncertainty. Okay, so we're going to talk about each one. The first one was you need to you deeply, intimately understand your audience. That's what you want to get to. If you've already got a business, you know that you have to get it who you serve. I mean that minimum. You have to speak to the problems they experience in a way that shows that you’re an actual solution to their problem. Like if you're an executive coach, for example, your clients hire you because you have somehow in whatever you have said or done in the world, convince them that you can help them, let's say organize their time better or handled tricky team members with more maybe more grace and confidence or be more productive. Whatever your ideal client is struggling with, you have somehow expressed your ability to solve that, that you get it, that you get what they're experiencing in a way that they trust you.

This might seem super straightforward, but I am telling you, I see this not done well a lot. There's too much focus on the how and this. Again, it's innocent. When we've been steeped in helping people solve a problem, we get steeped in how we help them solve the problem. It's exciting to us and when we have our clients who are in current work with us, they have a lot of a Haas and they get excited about what they're learning. Along the way, our head, our focus, I'm like picking shoes, moving my head right now from focusing on their problem in their struggle and talking about that to this other location. If you just think of it like moving your head to, let's talk about how, and look at how cool this process is that I have. Look at how cool this model is that I have.

While those can be fun and for some clients, those will light them up. We often focus way too much on the how and not enough focus on the feelings, the struggles, and the desires of the people that we're meant to serve. So it might sound like you might title something, I don't know. Stop procrastinating. Oh, super helpful. Thanks a lot. Right? That's not helping me with anything. That doesn't tell me anything. Right? In fact, I'm maybe even likely to, to hit some resistance right away. I'm so tired of people telling me I procrastinate too much. That's not where we start or the executive meditation solution. Now, if your people are actually, if these are executives who are looking for meditation, they know they want to meditate, excellent title, right on, perfect. But if you're trying to help them find more peace and ease and they're like just mired in overwhelm and team members coming at them all the time and they're not in the world of meditation, then coming at them with, Oh, let me tell you about the executive meditation solution doesn't meet them where they are.

You see that, but it happens all the time. How do you solve this? The more detailed and intimate your own understanding of their struggles and desires, the more powerfully that you can call their name, right? You want to describe their world and their struggles and their desires in a way that they're jaw drops and they go, Oh my gosh, that is exactly right. It's almost like I thought nobody else got it. I thought nobody else knew. I thought it was just me that struggles in this way and it could depending on your ideal client, and again, this varies a lot, but maybe it sounds like you're so tired of feeling like you never get enough done in a day. Now maybe your solution once they're working with you is to teach them how to stop procrastinating, but they want to hear you say, Oh my gosh, you're so tired of feeling like you can never get enough done in a day.

Right? On the executive who's overwhelmed and just has everything coming at them. All you want is to get home with enough energy to enjoy your family a before it's time to get back on email and then go to bed. You see how you might want to say to them, you cannot get back on email again. Right. But that's not meeting them where they are. When you say something like all you want us to get home with enough energy to have some time with your family and enjoy them for a bit, then you're speaking to what feels like real world to them right now. You're meeting them where they are. Here's the key to this. Use their words. You need to use their words, not the words that you would use. You're in a different place. So even if you've been them before, which is often the case for those of us who are in coaching or wellness or consulting or that kind of thing.

We do this because we have experience with it. We really can get their world, but we've been out of their struggle for a while and really in a new place, a new place that has different language. For example, executives are not walking around wishing for transformation or alignment. I'm not saying none of them are. If they're interpersonal development and maybe even read a lot about leadership, they may have heard those words and they might be perfectly fine. Again, when you intimately understand your own ideal client, then you'll know if those words work. Generally speaking, those aren't the words that you want to use is you want to say things like peace, productivity, enough energy to enjoy home and work, right? Those are the things that they're just wishing for in their mind. What would they say casually when they're just like frustratedly walking around, they're talking to themselves in their head, Oh, all I want is some moments of peace, some time to get some stuff done, that kind of thing.

Doing this, using their words, not yours, it requires that you let go of focusing on what you want to say and put your heart and soul into what they want to hear. Now you're not lying to them. Of course you wouldn't do that, but you're providing honest inspiration and guidance and again, you're meeting them where they are. I often describe this when I talk about public speaking, but it applies of course to building your business and marketing cause they're all really intertwined. I described this as you're walking out into the audience, you're putting out your hand and saying, here, take my hand. Come with me. I want to show you something beautiful, but you were walking to them because right now they're just a little overwhelmed and they're only going to come with you if they feel like you get them. In order to do that, you use your, their words, you use their words, not your words, and then you're going to offer them a solution that they desperately want.

I have a funny example for this. I just got off the phone with my mom. It's her birthday. Happy birthday mom. And I started down this path that I always get caught in with my mom where I really, you know, I love movies, right? I talk about that. I really wanted her to watch some fun movies cause she's an isolation. She lives by herself. It's her birthday and I'm like, you should totally watch some fun movies. She loves Dirty Dancing; she loves any movie with dancing in it. I'm thinking of all the movies, I know where there's fun dancing and it shocks me every time, but my mom doesn't really care about watching movies. I still, I say that and I'm like how could that be so I can spend an hour helping her yet again cause it wouldn't be the first time get connected to Netflix or Amazon prime so she can watch some movies and she has Netflix and Amazon prime or at least has at different points because I've bought it for her, set it up for her.

Honestly, she's just going to forget. Again, she doesn't want to watch movies no matter how much. I think that would be such a perfect way for her to spend her time in isolation. I'll take it back into the business realm. One of my clients is a weight loss coach for people who are in the medical field and her clients aren't super savvy on the latest in nutrition. They're in the traditional medical field, their world focuses on medication and surgery isn't more traditional approaches, things that are lifesaving and very important. They just don't talk a lot about nutrition and it's, there's not a lot of training around that. I have a lot of clients who came from traditional medicine who have gone a holistic route and I hear that over and over again. So my client knows that they think her ideal clients think that losing weight will make them happy.

This is why she sells weight loss, weight loss coaching for people in the medical field, but in fact it's their thinking that makes them miserable, not the weight. My client knows this, she knows that what they need is to learn what to do about their thinking to do something new in their brain. Yes, weight loss will often happen in that process, but that really, they can start being a lot happier right now. But if she comes toward them and says, you don't really want to lose weight, it's not about losing weight, it's about changing your thoughts or, or working with your thoughts or letting go of those thoughts, you can just bet that the vast majority of them are going to turn and run, because, what do they want? They want to lose weight. That's what they want. It doesn't matter what she knows they need.

You can't lead with what they need. You lead with what they want. If you give them what they want in a way that really works and delights them, then you can often offer them what they really need and that's where lasting change can often happen. Right? We know that, but we've got to start with where they, okay. Finally, the last thing I mentioned that you really want to have in place to build your business right now, even from home in isolation, quarantine, whatever is you want to step into thought leadership. You knew I was going to say that, right? You want to step into thought leadership and all the ways, so right now you're not going to get on stages because at least not on physical in real life, IRL stages because everybody has canceled their events that are happening right now. Events that are happening in July, August, September, people are waiting on sometimes, but right now everything's canceled.

That does not mean that you don't step into thought leadership. That also doesn't mean you don't speak that you're not a speaker, but we're going to talk about a number of ways that you express your thought leadership that you serve with your thought leadership right there from home, so show up everywhere you want it to feel like everywhere to your ideal clients. It's actually in the right places for the people that you serve and then serve as a leader. I have such a strange relationship with social media, so I'm going to start with social media. Do you have a strange relationship with social media at all? Do you just purely love it? I don't know. Am I alone in that strange relationship? On the one hand, I love it. I get inspired. I have great conversations on Facebook, even some in Instagram, although I'm still learning the conversation part a little bit in LinkedIn.

I really like looking on social media, scrolling around, seeing what people are doing. I love that I get to share cool things. I really feel like I get to serve through social media with inspiration, with tools, with lots of things that I've learned and that feels really good, but I also get caught up in feeling like I'm not doing enough, or it's just the first thing that'll fall away from me when I'm busy. Thank goodness that I have some social media help again and you might want to do that too if you don't love social media. I have an amazing social media person who helps me, but we definitely collaborate. I do most of the writing of the content, but she just kind of helps guide me around creating a framework and kind of themes. It's so amazing to have a partner on that.

Anyway, so social media is really an incredible way to be quote unquote everywhere as far as your ideal client is concerned online, but it's not the only way to show up online. So the question really is where do your people hang out? I'm going to talk a little bit more about social media and then we'll broaden from there, but you have Instagram, as I mentioned. Are your people on Instagram? Ask yourself honestly, you may or may not be a good example of what your ideal client, where they spend their time. Many of my executive coach clients, so I work with a number of executive coaches, people who work in the corporate world, they might do a little bit on Instagram, they might do some stuff on Instagram because they love it and it sets up their own platform, but they know that their clients aren't spending a lot of time on Instagram.

They spend a little bit more time on Facebook and they spend a lot more of their time on LinkedIn, but again, even that depends. You've got a really busy executive. They may not be on any of those very often or they might just be on Facebook just for that mind numbing kind of playful aspect of their work. Again, intimate connection with who your people are, what they care about and how you can create a genuine connection through these platforms. Of course, there's also Pinterest, which is fun to look at. I haven't looked at it for a long time. May be fitting if you are a nutritionist or dietician or like my wonderful, amazing sister, Angie parents. Simple Vegan, I think she has a pretty amazing Pinterest. She has a pretty amazing Instagram too, but places where beautiful pictures are really valuable. Then there's Twitter, which I don't know, I post stuff there sometimes, but for some people, my husband, Jim's spends tons of time on Twitter.

Again, where are your people hanging out and how could you share in these places to help you create the kind of connection that builds trust so that you can serve them? You can also deepen your connection on these platforms through groups. You can create your own group and then serve as a leader in that group. There are LinkedIn groups that you can create where people with shared interests gather and look for resources and share ideas and ask questions. That can be another wonderful way to lead and serve. Again, as I said, social media isn't the only way that you can be out there, be quote unquote everywhere. As far as your clients are concerned, do your ideal clients listen to podcasts and if so, be a guest on some podcasts. I've been doing a lot of podcast interviews. I've been a guest on quite a few podcasts lately.

It's a real interesting world as a podcast host, I know that you get pitched all the time, so we'll do a whole episode on how to pitch as a guest on a podcast because there's, I can tell you a lot about how not to do it and it has good examples of how to do it effectively from the perspective of the podcast host. But absolutely. I've met some amazing people by being a guest on their podcast and I've gotten to reach their audience and of course they also reach my audience because I share those episodes with my audience as well. You'll see some of these coming out, some of the guest podcast interviews that I'm doing right now, some of them aren't going to come out until July. It can be months out sometimes, so you want to keep this in mind as you're planning your podcast because it may or may not be a current offering that you have that you want to mention inside those interviews.

Anyway, a whole other conversation we can have. You can create your own podcast. My dear friend and client, Carlo and file has an amazing podcast. You've probably heard of it. It's super popular, but if you haven't, you must go check it out. It's called Unfuck Your Brain. Carlo, I'm file and it is an incredible funnel basically. I mean she serves really powerfully. It's a great podcast. People love it, share it all the time, but it's also how she gets clients and to her, she has a membership program that is thriving. You could do a webinar. We filled a couple of courses and group programs with webinars so they can be a lot of work at first, especially learning how to do them. That was a big learning curve for me and I did some webinars that did not work. I did not get clients from them, but that's how it goes right now is the time to experiment.

Give it a try. If you've been thinking about webinars, it has been very lucrative for us. I just had to learn how to do it, and with these essentials that we're talking about in this episode, I think you're going to find that you can do a way better webinar. So keep all of these things in mind that I'm talking about. As you craft that webinar, it is absolutely a way to serve powerfully and really all people have to do is figure out Zoom. Webinars can work really well even for a corporate audience, for example, which may or may not, a corporate audience or people who work in the corporate world who aren't like doing online business and they're used to getting on video technology. That's a common thing in the corporate world as well, so they can handle getting on zoom and learning from you through a webinar.

Of course, there's email marketing. We could do a whole other episode on that and probably will, but I'll say a few things about that. You want to have something that they want in exchange for their name and email address. So this is where you come up with your freebie, right? Something that you can give them as a gift and they give you their name and email address and the right for you to send them some marketing emails or some service emails. You don't even have to market to them. It's a way of cultivating and nurturing relationship. You want to connect with them regularly, create warm connection, provide value of course, and then eventually hear me on this. Make them some offers. Invite them to be served by you in a deeper way. Let me just expand on that. Let's anchor in on this offers thing.

You are going to have to make some offers. If you want to build your business right now, then you're going to need to invite people to work with you. Some people will come to you without you going out and inviting them to come in. Those are my favorites. That's what we all want, right? We want people to come into us. I'll tell you, it happens a lot more now than it used to that people reach out to me that I don't know, or referrals send people my way. I am telling you, I'm so sorry I spent years, I'm not sorry, but I just don't want this to happen to you. I spent years only wanting to do business this way and it wasn't a good model. Believe me, I kept thinking, if I just sit over here and I create great products and I become better and better as a coach, that people will start to come to me.

We have to be out in the world. People have to see the kinds of things we offer. Whether they buy that one thing isn't the point. They see that you do business, that you serve in this way, that people can pay you money and have you help them. That is part of the value of putting out offers. It's not because you're going to get every person who sees them. It's because you want the world to see that you work with people this way. People want to solve their problems. I really want you to hear this. You can build your business because people, even now in the midst of all this, people want to solve the problems that they have and right now they may have more time or spaciousness than they had before. It could very well be the perfect time. One of the programs that I just joined is called bold with Susan Hyett who I adore, and I know I've talked about her before.

She's been on the podcast. She's been a client. I've been a client of hers, but she has created, she's taken her Behr process, which is a coaching process for women and turned it into a curriculum to facilitate a program for girls and I have wanted to do something with girls for years and I have ideas and I've been thinking about it, but I keep getting stuck on the setup and it feels like too much. I watched her webinar. It's a full solution. Everything is handled. It is in alignment with what I believe. I believe I can also put my own expertise inside of the program that she's offering because there's an element about voice and clapping back and those are things that I absolutely want to emphasize with the girls that I get to talk with. It's so perfect. I was so giddy excited to sign up for her program right now in the midst of this time, in this global crisis because I had a problem to solve for myself because I want to solve a problem that I see as very real out there in the world.

Make it an easy yes for you. You're excited about this offering and for them you can do coaching packages, you can do retainer style coaching packages, which is what I mostly do now. You can do mastermind groups online. My dear friend, Nancy Jane, Nancy Jane Smith who has, I think it's still under live, happier live-happier.com but she is a coach for people with high functioning anxiety. She does Voxer coaching. That's the way she works with her clients primarily is through Voxer, the voice app. Amy Johnson, who you've me talk about and I've had on the podcast as well, has little school, a big change. All of it is online. She does phone and Zoom and she has a video, you know, sort of a set of video teaching videos that are part of a course. And then she has this forum online. There are all kinds of ways that you can solve people's problems from your home, from quarantine, from the lockdown.

People still want to solve their problems and they may have more time than they've had in a very long time right now. How could you offer something that the people you're meant to serve will be delighted to get offer it? Here's the special gift we have right now. We have no idea what will work. This is like an experimentation extravaganza. I mean we actually never really did have the kind of certainty about what would work and what wouldn't that it might have seemed like, or a lot of the, a lot of people were out there saying, do this, do what I did and it's going to work and then it wouldn't. You'd be like, wait, what's wrong with me? There's nothing wrong with you. It's because it's always experimentation, but right now it's the entire game. That's what business is about. We're just trying it.

Try it. Then try something else. Keep your servant's heart at the forefront with a strong eye on sustainability so that you can keep showing up. That's why you want to build this business so you can take care of your family, take care of you, keep showing up to serve these people. You can do this. My brilliant, brilliant friend, in fact, you were made for this. We humans are so unbelievably capable, creative, big hearted, and you wouldn't be here with me right now listening. If you weren't at the tippy top of all of that plus driven by a powerful call to serve you really were made for this, my friend. I cannot wait to hear how your business is thriving. When you let that silver lining that's out there right now, that is always available when you let that silver lining be your guide, you always have that wisdom shining through you. I am sending you so much love and care and a whole lot of healthy vibes.

Until next week, my friend, thank you so much for being here with me on the Brilliance at Work Podcast. If you want to know how to tap your own most natural charisma as a leader and a speaker, you can download a free copy of Lead with Your Natural Charisma, Inspire and Motivate Your Team and Beyond with Ease at http://brillianceatwork.com/naturalcharisma.


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