How to Fund Your Business Mission with Speaking

by | Thought Leadership

Let's talk about how to fund your business mission with speaking — a topic near and dear to my heart.

I spent the first six years in my business so busy looking for “clarity of message” that I rarely invited people to work with me.

I got on stages and served my heart out — I know because people told me how wonderful my speaking was for them — but, avoided making offers.

I remember multiple times after a speaking event being asked by an audience member how they could work with me and feeling like a deer in headlights!

When you have the right message, right audience and right offering, magic is in the room! You won’t walk away from the speaking event wondering what went wrong, why no one wanted to get on your email list or hop on a consult call.

In this video, I dive more deeply into what I mean by Right Message, Right Audience, Right Offering — and share how to align them in service of your greatest business success and fund your business mission with speaking:

Right Message — The message that speaks to the heart of the struggle your ideal audience member/client is experiencing.

Right Audience — A group of people (online or in 3D real life) in which a large percentage of the people are struggling with the issue(s) you are best equipped to solve with your work.

Right Offering — A paid program, product or other solution that will significantly help the people in this audience get what they are most wishing for in relation to this struggle that you help solve.

(Note: this video is from a paid client training so you’ll hear me reference other videos, which may not be available outside of those programs. The lesson in this video is complete however, so soak it up and use it to thrive!)

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