When I look back over the things that have stopped me from doing the real work I am on this Earth to do, it is blindingly clear to me that ONE thing has been in the way all along.

ONE thing.

I can also see clearly how this ONE thing is also the primary thing stopping every client with whom I work from getting out there in a big way with their message.

You know what this one thing is? It's the stories we tell ourselves.

And the lead story for way too many of us (myself included for a very long time) is that we don't know enough. We aren't “expert” enough. We are, in essence, Imposters. In this video, I tell you exactly how to think about your expertise so that you can set aside that agonizing “imposter” story and actually get out there and change some lives with your important work.

If you want to spend some focused time getting imposter syndrome out of the way and instead focus on changing some lives with your life-changing Signature Speech, you might want to check out the beta (read: discounted price in exchange for your feedback on the course) of Speak So It Matters for Coaches & Wellness Experts which starts May 19th. Click here to check out the course.

If you're not at that place yet, that's perfect as well. I'll be back next week with more goods to help you speak with clarity, conviction and confidence in front of any audience, anytime.